School of Visual Arts Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best part of this school is the instructors. Each of the people that I have learned from is currently employed in the field of photography and has done some impressive work. Their input is highly regarded and I feel as if they truly care about their students' success. I have learned to trust the knowledge of my instructors over the course of my first semester at SVA. They know art and have the ability to teach their students to understand it better.


The best thing about the School of Visual Arts would be how experienced and intelligent the professors are. They are all interested in teaching you everything they know, and turning you into a true artist before they throw you out into the world. Also they make you aware of your options as artists, and all of the hardships you will go through.


The best thing about the School Of Visual Arts is the friendships and connections you make while attending. Being that filmmaking is a co-dependent field forces us to rely on one another to seea vision come to life. This forms great friendships and working experience that will last your entire life as a filmmaker.


As a Graphic Design student I've been aware of the School of Visual Arts definitley encouraged students finding their style and what type of art form they wanted to work in, whether it was in print design, web, packaging, or animation. I've always appreciated this. Grades were not emphasized. It was significant to learn about ourselves and this lead to the "good grades" we got.


that most eveyone is really iberal , usually open minded.


Best hands on experience


Everything about my school is amazing


The best thing about SVA is being in an environment where peers and faculty are all working toward personal artistic goals while offering a helping hand to eachother, creating a strong group support.


Well, in the film program where I concentrate, the best is the freedom to create what comes to the individual artist and the availibility of equipment rental from the schools Cage (camera, lights, and grip) In order to make films about what you want, with who ever you want.


The location: New York City. Other than that, I think it's one of the worst art schools in New York City.


The talent in the students and the school's reputation and standard. A lot of companies contact me for internships


The best thing about this school is that since it is a "specialty" school, that you are allowed to be completely creativley free.


Well the reason i decided to go to SVA instead of NYU is because the fisrt day of freshman year they hand you a bolex film camera and teach you how to use it and dive right in. Hands on is the way i learn. NYU students don't touch a camera until late in their sophmore year. Freshamn year is all theory. I wasn't feeling that kind of education.


The other students, for the most part, are very engaged in their field of study and encourage you to become competitive with them. Good practice for the world of art where competition is one of the biggest things that keeps it going.


The people and teachers becuase the people are motivated and the teachers work in there feilds