Schoolcraft College Top Questions

Describe how Schoolcraft College looks to someone who's never seen it.


An institution filled with eager, young students representing America's next generation of bright minds and late night procrastination


Schoolcraft College a small community college in Michigan. There are ten buildings and always people around the campus. It's a small community but is great for people who can not afford a bigger university.


schoolcraft is a wounderfull school for students who are not ready to go to a university.


Schoolcraft College provides a great and affordable learning experience so that I can further my education.


Schoolcraft is not just a learning institution, but a place to grow as an individual.


Its a great place to start your education, the classes are worth taking and it keeps the tuition costs affordable.


A more advance highschool that you pay for.


Schoolcraft College is a great starting college that allows teenagers fresh out of high school a cheaper way to get their general education out of the way before transfering to another school.