Schoolcraft College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student that wishes to continue on to a University but needs to save $ in order to do so. It is also a good school for students that need to work and attend part-time or students that want a 2 year degree, but later will enter another field.


Schoolcraft is perfect for the undecided student. Schoolcraft offers a wide variety of courses in every area of study without being expensive like 4-yr colleges and universities. It offers small class sizes and the ability for one-on-one attention that a larger sized school would not be able to offer. With plentiful counseling and transfer tools, Schoolcraft is the perfect place to start your education. It makes it easy to complete general education classes while allowing students to discover their passion and decide on w a career they would like.


Anybody who wants to go on to more productive things in life but can't afford to go away to college.