Schoolcraft College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Not to be so stressed out about taking AP classes and always wondering if I was doing enough to get into a college. It all works out in the end. Besides even when you take everything you need to some University's still won't let you in. So work hard to well but enjoy just being in High School.


If I do go back in time I would probable tell myself not to slack off and to start to apply for plenty of scholarships and not to bother in applying to DIA because it is not worth the hassle and to focus straight towards Schoolcraft College. Getting an early start on the scholarships is plenty helpful and it is good to apply for different varieties of those scholarships because it raises the chances in winning some of them, espeacially if they are all different amounts. Also that looking for places to stay nearby the college is a good option and talking to your family about wanting to live on your own because now is a very good time to be living on your own and that you do not need to rely on your parents for much longer and to have them to trust you on wanting to be living on your own. Talk to the counselor about what you want to do and maybe he can give you his best opinions or perhaps help you out with your desicions of scholarships, living on your own and learn some helpful tricks for when applying to those difficult scholarship opportunities.


If I met my freshman self as a high school senior, I would tell him: No one cares about your problems; you either use them as an excuse to fail or a rallying cry to succeed. So, don't sell yourself short. Take as many AP classes as possible, because college will be easier if you get a step ahead. Don't fear failure, and don't make the mistake of not believing in your ability to do things because they might be challenging. Moreover, a horrible grade on one test won't ruin your life. Take the time to learn good study habits. You don't have to find what you want to do for the rest of your life during your 4 years there, but don't spend the weekends solely inside on the internet. Lastly, you'll meet a girl your sophomore year that will greatly shape the next few years of your life. Enjoy you're time with her, because she's going to be gone soon. Just note, you will fail a lot; but, keep get up and moving forward - that's what makes all the difference in life.


I would tell myself to be more friendly, because a college campus is a great place to meet people and make friends for social and educational purposes. The education part of college live is very important, but also finding out who you are and what kind of people to surround yourself with is a vital part of the college experience.


If I could go back I would tell myself that college is not so scary. It might be that you're lossing part of your life how you knew it. You just have to look at it in a way that you are not begining a new chapter of your life. This will make you grow and mature into the person that you want to be when you are grown up. I would tell myself that some of my friends will go away and if your friendship is strong enough to survive that then you are strong enough to survive anything that would come your way.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to try harder. I now know that the more you accomplish in high school, the easier it is on yourself in college. I would also tell myself to relax, especially toward the end of my senior year. College really isn't all that scary. Knowing how accepting and comforting the staff and students are, I would assure myself to be myself and try not to worry too much. If I would have known what I do now when I was a senior in high school, I wouldn't have been nearly as nervous as I was the first day of college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to not slack off in my studies. In high school, you could easily not do your homework and not really pay attention in class because usually you got a second chance. But I college i realized that you can't do that, you can't turn in anything late, you can't just drop ever test, or make up tests that you missed. I would also tell myself to manage my time better, college is a big undertaking, you must stay focused. I would also tell myself that college is fun, but only after your studies are done. Another thing I would tell myself is to be open to many different teaching styles because unlike high teachers, college professors do not have to follow teaching guidelines. And finally I would tell myself that college is a privilege and not everyone is so luck, so make the best of it.


you need to keep your priorities in order


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would let myself know that college is quite the experience. Going to a community college isn't too much different than attending high school, however there is a bit more work. College is a fun experience and it will also help you grow as a person. Getting involved on campus is also a great thing to do as well. Without involvement on campus, there isn't too much to do other than go to class. Getting involved will provided you with lifelong connections. College is a great way to network as well and it's the beginning of becoming a successful individual. Going to college provides you with the resources to further you education and your life.


One thing I would definitely tell myself in high school would be to make up my mind about what I want to graduate with. I already graduated from Spring Arbor University with a BS degree hoping to go into physical therapy. I now realize that I want to be a nurse practitioner. As a result of my indecision, I lost 4 years of schooling that I do not need for the career I am now pursuing, and also wasted a lot of money. I would tell myself to seek more guidance and to think more about my future and career I want to give myself to for the next 40+ years of my life. Another thing I would tell myself is to spend more time applying for scholarships. My senior year in high school I didn't really apply myself to searching for financial aid/ scholarships as much as I should. Now, going into my second degree, I am realizing how much I need to earn scholarships and am devoting a lot of my time to applying for various scholarships.


Get a part-time job and save more money. It's really expensive to get this kind of training.


Throughout high school I would tend to take the easy route. If there was a chance to slack off, I was most likely on board. Looking back I now realize how detrimental that was to my future, my success, and my overall knowledge. I didn't join the band because I thought it wasn't "cool". Now I play music everyday and wish my technical skills were even somewhat close to same level as anyone "uncool" enough to join the band. I didn't pursue drawing because I would rather chase girls. All the things that I enjoy now and could potentially benefit my life, I skipped over without looking back. My advice, don't be "cool". Knowledge empowers us to become anything we choose. Choosing not to hop on that train in high school is my biggest regret. The future seemed so far ahead, something unattainable, the unknown. Now the future is where I live. It's the prison I've built for myself and the only way out is through knowledge. If I'm ever to become something other than ordinary my ability to learn if vital. If only I would have known that when I was seventeen.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage myself to be more organized, more determined, and to be less of a procrastinator. My family is really being effected by the econimic recession so I was only able to apply to Schoolcraft Community College which I am currently enrolled in. It has always been my dream ever since I was about eight years old to go to a University away from home. I always remember seeing the commercials with college students setting up their dorm rooms and I would say what I would or would not have in my dorm. As well as seeing myself going to the sporting events with a bunch of new friends. It was really hard for me to realize that I would not be going to a University to live the dream that I had. If I was a high school senior again I was motivate myself to look into scholarships more than I did and become a more determined student by finding out more information about the University I wanted to go into so that I could fullfill my college dream.


High school education is the foundation of our future. Not everyone can agree to having the support I did my senior year from my parents, which makes me so grateful. I had different priorities senior year than most but being a medical professional was not one of them last year. Starting over this year has made me realize that if i would have worked harder my senior year things would have been a lot easier for me. With a clean slate this year I have motivation and my priorities are in checkmore than ever I am enrolled fulltime with 3 jobs 15 credit hours and extra-cirriculars. I am glad to be given a second chance but if I could do it all over again I would have focused more on my classwork, especially english. Some subjects or classes may go away temporarily or maybe for good but english will never go away. There will always be stories or news to read, english is the way we communicate everyday and it is the basis for every class any student will have to take in the future. English will always exsist as long as it stays our language. Thank You


I would have gone back and told myself to look for any and all scholarships and financial aid I am eligable for. I would also tell myself to make sure to go to some sort of orentation before starting at Schoolcraft.


The advice would be simple: Be focused on the future, not the destination. I think as a senior I was so into the idea of going away to university, moving out of Michigan and just being independent. I got so absorbed in this idea that when my original plans didn't work out, I was left with no other choices and was scrambling for what to do next. When I finally landed in Schoolcraft I was a little bummed. It meant two more years living at home in Livonia when I should've been gone! It took me quite some time to realize that my mistake was one of the best decisions of my life. My time at Schoolcraft has been a learning experience as well as time to grow and mature. It has given me the time to decide exactly what I want to do in life and what I can do to prepare myself for university. When I was a senior, I liked the notion of leaving more than the idea of college and a career. Schoolcraft has given me the opportunity to discover what I want for the future, wherever that may be.


Looking back I would have made myself work on my communication skills. It takes confidence to be able to express to teachers what your concerns are about the class work and exams. As a student who was shy in high school, it was difficult to approach teachers to discuss how the class was going. The classes I have taken at Schoolcraft Colloge have had, for the most part, great teachers who are willing to help you when you need it. I have gained a lot of confidence and it has helped me raise my grades. After these two last two years at community college, I am ready to move on to Eastern Michigan University and feel that I am now ready to deal with the challenges ahead and be successful.


Given the chance to go back in time and talk to myself I would start off by saying "Do not fear me, I am you, from the future!" I would tell myself that college is nothing like high school. I'd tell me, that it is easy, most of what you will take just adds what what we already know. I would let me know that Chemistry is hard so study more. Also apply to more scholarships and apply to more schools. I would let myself know that I feel one of my downfalls is that I only applyed to a few school within the local area. I would say "Do not limit yourself, and don't wast your time applying to State you don't make it in, but apply everywhere else you do" I would also inform myself about the Medical Assistant test, and let me know that it would have made life easy if you had some sort of "medical background" when applying to scholarships. The last thing I would tell myself is that "No matter what, don't give up. If it looks hard, it is, but the struggle will be with it in the end".


When you graduate high school, kids typically do not understand what the next few years of their life are going to be like You hear stories from friends about all the great experiences that they have while their at College, but nobody really breaks down what you need to do in order to succeed. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as I was graduating I would tell myself to have fun but take college very seriously. Its hard to stay on track when theirs parties going on seven nights a week, but you need to take a second to think everyday and make sure your priorities are set. Do well in your classes, the knowledge you receive from them is what is going to take you far in life. Keep up with assignments, and do your best in each class. If you fail a test the world will not end, it just means you need to study harder. Last of all I would tell myself to have fun, these are the days that you will remember the rest of your life, so make the best of it.


I am very hard worker during in the high school.But I HAVE NOT NEVER GET RUNKS from starting grade one untill grade tiwelve. constantly I got the fourth one.this is my life memory until I die.


As a high school senior, I would tell myself not to look at big universities just yet. The cost of college tuition is staggering these days. I would tell myself that going to a community is the smartest choice. You can get all of the same prerequisites done for less than half the cost of a major university. I have my Bachelor of Science and I got for less than $5000 in tuition and books. I believe that when I have to go a 4-year university, I will be able to better afford it and I will already have my B.S. Also, I wouldn't want to go into major debt with student loans, but knowing I will need loans for either the last two of my four years or for graduate school, I can then take out loans to attend my dream school because I will have to anyways. I would inquire less of debt and save more money because I went to an affordable community college and was able to save more money for the big univeristy I knew I would have attend.


Go to class and make sure you do your work so that you can go away to college sooner instead of staying at home for so long.