Schoolcraft College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Schoolcraft College?


There is not much to be frustrated about my school, the one thing is that is pretty far away from were I live. Unless I decide to move closer to my school I'll have to find ways to get there if I have problems with mode of transportation. Although it is only for 2 years in that school transportation is the main concern in getting to and from school and I'm not the kind of person that wants to be late for their classes because learning is very important to me especially when it involves my future career.


It is frustrating trying to schedule classes that I need so they don't conflict with other required classes I need. As a result of this, some people end up taking more than 4 years to graduate because they cannot complete all their classes on time. For example, one class may only be offered at the same time another required class is offered. More class timing options would be great!


The traffic, commuting, to and from the school especially at rush hour times of day.


The most frustrating thing about Schoolcraft College is how much like high school it actually is. It doesn't give you the chance to experience true college life. It does not allow teenagers to develop that sense of self independence.


The most frustrating thing about Schoolcraft is walking back to my car after a long day of classes and finding a scratch or dent where another car door was flung open into my car. There is no reason this should be happening, the parking spaces are more than big enough, except for careless students. As for what is frustrating about the school, nothing really. Maybe an empty vending machine when I'm late for a test or I forgot a picture I.D. when trying to purchase books, but nothing widespread among students. Schoolcraft provides a great education for less.