Scottsdale Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best aspect of Scottsdale Community College would undoubtedly be the resources, extremely helpful staff, and the superb educational value. The Scottsdale Community College campus has many wonderful resources available to all students like; study areas, computer labs, the library, and much more. The staff working at the campus is very helpful to everyone and will gladly assist one in any area. Scottsdale Community College has amazing and well organized classes. All the teachers do a excellent job and classes are easy to follow. Overall Scottsdale Community College is an extraordinary place to learn.


The best thing about that school was its small class size and the faculty. The professors really cared about the students' academic success. I did not receive an associate degree from this school but completed by prerequisite courses for pharmacy school at this school.


There is a personal relationship with the teachers/staff and the students. This relationship allows the instructors to push the students appropriately and help them to move foreward in their studies. Knowing a student and their personality can only help to inform the instructor on how to teach their students at the best level.


I like that Scottsdale Community College is small and provides a more personnel experience than the one I received from Arizona State University. I also like the specialized courses which attracted me to Scottsdale Community College for my Certificate in Crime Scene Technology.