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Women's college, creative personalities, motivated, students generally actually like school, beautiful campus, dorms and great food were all unique aspects of Scripps. The Claremont University Consortium was also a big plus!


Scripps College is a small all-women's college in a consortium of coed schools, and thus has support for and focus on women while simultaneously allowing students to access resources typically available at a medium-sized university. It is also deeply enriching and, while academically challenging, the emphasis of the college is not on competition between students but rather on learning from each other.


Something that is very unique about Scripps College, is the beaty of the campus, because not every campas has the beautiful green grass, amazing architechture and amazing weather. Also, Scripps is an all women's college.


Scripps bares it all.


Even though students come from different environments, everyone has a place here at Scripps and lots of love and support waiting for you.


Things I love about Scripps: Encouragement to study abroad, The fantastic staff, faculty and student community, Tea in Seal Court every Wednesday, The bunnies all over campus, Spa Nights in the dorms, Pilates classes at the Field House, Our proximity to LA, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, and the Food (in general, it's fantastic [Harvey Mudd offered Lobster Tail at Easter brunch one year, seriously!]).


You really have to visit campus to fall in love with Scripps. The campus is beautiful and the women are ambitious and intelligent.


Like any school, Scripps has its good sides and bad sides. But after four fantastic years there, I can tell you that the good far outweighs the bad. Yes, sometimes you have to put in a bit of effort to get the classes, friends, extra-curriculars, relationships you're looking for. But if you try, you'll find them. And along the way you'll encounter some of the most fascinating material, the most strong, passionate, intelligent, and encouraging women, and unforgettable experiences.


If you choose to attend Scripps College, I would HIGHLY recommend going on Outdoor Orientation! It allows you to meet fellow Scripps students before the usual Orientation begins, and most students meet their best friends on this trip! Another perk, is that it allows you to get to know some of the upper-class students at Scripps (who lead the trip), and they can provide a wealth of knowledge about anything from dorms, professors, clubs, the best dinning halls, and even how to get into the Browning tower!


We're located in LA and the school provides opportunities for students to buy inexpensive tickets and transportation to fun events in LA like concerts, plays and beach trips. We <3 LA and if you've never been to SoCal, it's a great way to experience it. In-n-Out is a local burger chain that is beloved by all us SoCalians, and one of the coolest things is that during freshmen orientation, Scripps gets an In-n-Out truck to cater lunch! Scripps is really detail-oriented in that sense, they want us to love our time here and make sure to provide us with every opportunity to fall in love. If Scripps were a person courting it's students, it would definitely win our hand in marriage every time.