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I would say that Scripps is not a very diverse place, racially or economically. At the same time, Scripps is constantly working toward ensuring that minorities have a voice, and they are very vocal. I think it would be hard to feel out of place...but I'm also white and upper class - I have the privilege of not knowing. We have a great race theory classes that tend to start by requiring the recognition of the racism in the world that creates privilege for some and discrimination for others. The LGBT community is also extremely vocal, with the beloved Motley Coffee House as the hotspot. All ranges of sexuality are accepted, there is even a new (tiny) fraternity of transgender guys. Most Scripps women (and transgender men) are very politically active and aware, especially within the Scripps community, if not nationally or worldly. We're predominantly pretty liberal, but there are definitely exceptions.

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Being a woman of color here on the Scripps campus has been challeging, mainly due to the fact that about 90 percent of the population is comprised of Caucasian individuals. The only issues I have in regards to race are that people are ignorant of hurtful things they say or may be oblivious to certain situations and you ahve to inform them of their mistakes. Fortunately, we have many organizations of support that cater to the issues in regards to all races, ethnicities, and lifestyle choices. It is very common for different types of students to interact here, there usually is not much division between Scripps girls.

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Intelligent, outspoken, driven, generally tolerant and accepting.

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