Scripps College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Gosh there are so many Scripps stereotypes, I don't know where to begin! As a all women's school, there is the inevitable "crazy feminist" stereotype. Some guys think that Scrippsies are easier catches because they are "isolated" from men in their daily lives and call Scripps women "Scrippers". The truth is, these stereotypes do not accurately portray Scripps women. In fact, no stereotype could because Scripps is such a diverse body of students. Yes, there is a LGBT presence that is very accepted on campus, but it is not overwhelming. While Scrippsies believe that women have the right to be treated equally to men and the ability to prosper, the campus is not full of raging feminist types. Though some girls like to party off-campus on the weekends (or on the weekdays for some), even the most party-centric Scrippsies do not completely fit the "Crazy Party girl" stereotype. In a sea of different backgrounds, opinions, and priorities, one thing that Scripps women do have in common is their ambition. Scripps students are generally considered to be independent, intellectual,active leaders and involved members of many of the activities and organizations on and off campus.

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