Scripps College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


I feel that many people think Scripps women are all lesbians, completely boy crazy, or just plain mean.


There is an unoriginal, expected stereotype that Scripps College breeds gender-elitist women.


That we are all feminists, or super nerdy.


1. Raging Feminazis and/or Lesbians 2. Party girl/Promiscuous 3. Prudes


Positive ones: Feminists, speaks her mind, successful, attractive Negative: rich princesses/Daddy's girls, easily offended


To be honest there are some pretty terrible stereotypes of Scripps students. To many, we're seen either as prim, proper, and nerdy, or as easy party girls. But there are also other stereotypes, like that we're strong, smart, and mostly feminist. We've also been known our passion and drive.


One guy from another campus said the stereotype for Scripps students was "either very studious or 'loose.'" Some also think that because we're a women's college, we don't allow guys on our campus and will blow our "rape whistles" if we see a guy on campus.


On the prowl for men at the other colleges. Queer. Proper 'ladies'. Crazy feminists who want complete independence from men. Very concerned about appearances.


I like to think that Scripps women come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. There are those of us who enjoy partying every night and those who would rather stay in with a few friends and a movie. We are pretty much a spectrum. However, I was told by a student at a fellow 5C that there are three types of Scripps woman: 1. Scrippsie--your average Scripps girl: smart, fun, cute, enjoys friends/hanging out, but isn't a crazy party animal. 2. Scrippi-nazi--crazy ultra-feminists who get angry at the use of words like "mankind" and generally hate men or are hardcore man-hating lesbians. 3. Scripper--yeah, he went there. He said that Scrippers [yes, like 'stripper'] were crazy party animals who generally had too much of men and alcohol.


1. Spoiled brats 2. Man hating lesbians 3. Socially akward women 4. The most gorgeous creatures in the world


daddy's girl, feminist


Scripps students are often stereotyped as feminists, lesbians, or "easy" women. explains more of these stereotypes.


I think there are three main Scripps stereotypes: 1. artsy bookworms 2. party girls 3. lesbians


Typically, the other colleges on campus view Scripps' women as outspoken, intelligent and confident for the most part. There are also the stereotypes that burden every women's college. For example, we all must be lesbian which is not true but there are students of multiple sexual orientations who attend our school. There is also the stereotype that we are all huge feminist. I believe that every student's stance on feminism is different to some degree. We all are so different but have this desire to succeed which is the amazing aspect of the student body. The stereotypes don't even seem to fit after one encounters so many women from so many different backgrounds and cultures interacting together to make the campus environment nothing less than great.