Scripps College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Scripps is the best decision I ever made. I love having the perks of a women's college while also having men around. Our campus is pristine and our students are passionate and academically inclined. Scripps classes require a lot of hard work, but the professors are excellent and the classes are small. It is a collaborative environment aimed to promote the success of each student. Claremont is a cute and very safe town. Students have fun going into town to grab frozen yogurt, go to the movies, grab a bite to eat, shop, or hit up the farmer's market. LA is about 45 minutes away and Pasadena is about 15-20 minutes away by car, and Scrippsies have plenty of opportunities to get off campus.


Scripps is the best decision I ever made. I love having the perks of a women's college while being around tons of boys too. Our campus is pristine and our students are passionate and academic. Scripps classes require a lot of hard work, but the professors are excellent and the classes are small. Collaborative environment aimed to promote the success of each student


What's great about Scripps is that the campus can be as large or as small as you make it. Like people have said, it's part of the Claremont Consortium so you can take lots of classes and spend all your time on other campuses if you're looking for a big-school feel or you can take all your courses at Scripps for a very intimate experience. It's nice having the flexibility of both systems; you can really create a tailored experience based on your needs each semester.


Scripps is a small school, and that's one of the best things about it. You can get the attention you deserve from your professors. You will become a better student since it's impossible to face into the background of a 300+ lecture class, as can happen at other larger schools. At Scripps you can learn and have a lot of fun; Scripps students are masters at balancing work and play. The office faculty are also some of the nicest people I have ever come across, and are far better than the office faculty at my high school.


Scripps creates an atmosphere of intellect, curiosity and knowledge prosperity. Its small community feel is nicely complimented by the other surrounding 4cs in the 5c consortium.


This school is the perfect size for anyone who wants the personalized education of a small school but the social life of a large one. Since Scripps is located ina 5 College consortium, you can easily make new friends outside of Scripps. Most of the people from the east coast have never heard of Scripps College but almost everyone from the west coast does, so when I tell them I am a student here they are very proud of me.


Scripps students are compassionate women with very diverse interests. Our top 5 most popular majors range from the humanities, to science, to studio art. The consortium allows Scrippsies to have the best of both worlds; students get a small, tight-knit community at Scripps, but with the academic and social resources of a medium-sized university.


I really enjoy going to Scripps. I love the size of the classes (small), the great professors who really challenge me (Rita Roberts), and the campus and weather are gorgeous. The biggest qualm I have is that there is not much social community on campus. People don't leave their doors open in the dorms because they are usually studying if they are in there. The campus is very quiet too on the weekends because pretty much all the parties are off campus. This is great for those weekends before midterms, but it also means that if you do want to party, you have to seek it out elsewhere.


Scripps is a really great school, that's the big picture. It has its downsides, but the upsides are huge. The thing about it is that there are a million options at Scripps. I came thinking I wanted to do art, and instead I ended up doing my major at Pomona in Environmental Analysis. (Yes, you're allowed to fulfill your major off campus if Scripps doesn't have exactly what you're looking for. You can also design your own major.) There are also options of different clubs and groups to join, which is a great way to make friends with similar interests. I think if you pay attention to whats out there, there's no reason you wouldn't be able to find interests, activities, friends, and an education that you love at Scripps.


Scripps is a small liberal arts women's college. Although the student body is under 1000, Scripps is an integrated part of the "5C" consortium of five undergraduate colleges, all located within walking distance of each other to form a larger campus with a total undergrad population of about 5000. One thing I enjoy most about Scripps is the tight-knit community. I know who almost everyone in my class is, and it is hard to walk across campus without seeing someone I know. Students come together several times a week for Wednesday afternoon tea, Tuesday snack, and Sunday snack. My favorite spot on campus is our environmentally conscious coffeehouse, The Motley. The Motley is a favorite hang out or study spot of many students, and there is live music every Thursday and Sunday nights. Scripps also has one of the most gorgeous campuses. It was recently ranked 4th most beautiful college campus in the world, and the picturesque mountains to the north, palm trees, orange trees, Mediterranean style architecture, fountains and many different types flowers all over campus certainly make it a beautiful place to live. One complaint about Scripps is that because it is a women's college, students often go to the other campuses to socialize, creating somewhat of a lack of community among Scripps students. While I have sometimes felt that this is the case, I have found that if you make an effort to attend campus and dorm activities, you can find a sense of community, and there is certainly a stronger sense of community here than at larger universities. It may just take more effort on the part of the student to venture outside her circle of friends to be a part of the larger community.


Scripps is a small liberal arts college with an emphasis in the Humanities. However, because of its involvement in the Claremont Consortium, Scripps also has very good courses across the board since it can share resources with the other colleges. Scripps has pretty wonderful dorm rooms, the singles are particularly large, and most people live on campus the entire time they are at Scripps (one actually has to petition to live off campus, which makes it an annoying process). Scripps is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL campus about 45 min from downtown LA (by train or car) and a 15 min walk from the Claremont Village (it has a movie theater, various good restaurants, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, frozen yogurt, cafes...). Scripps has a new gym (the Tiernan Field House) that is fantastic! It has various cardio machines (elliptical, bike, treadmill...), a full weight room, multiple classrooms where students can take free classes (pilates, kickboxing, zumba...), a pool with plenty of lounge chairs for sun bathing, and a stretching balcony. The Motley is the Scripps coffee house and the usual hang out spot. Walking into the Motley usually leads to running into no less than two people you know, and sitting down at one of the many tables to do some work while you caffeinate yourself. The Motley also has live music every week for free! If coffee isn't your thing, then you can always pop over to Seal Court for Scripps Tea every week, where Scripps will whip up a tasty snack for you! Tea is the perfect place for the Scripps community to congregate and nibble on some veggies or scones while sipping on tea. Professors and students alike turn out for this weekly event.


Personally, the small intimate size of Scripps was one of its biggest appeals to me. Coming from a large public Southern CA high school meant Scripps was a treat. I transitioned from a school that was packing kids into classrooms like sardines in order to try to save a buck, to an open environment of small class sizes that was more than dedicated to giving each of us the education we deserve and crave. A "big picture" thing about Scripps has to be the Consortium. It's hard to define one Claremont College without mentioning them being nestled together. It's fantastic that we have our itty bitty own schools that have their own resources but share everything with everyone else. It creates this environment of small schools become medium school, without losing any of the amazing prof to student ratios. We share dining halls, gyms, pools, clubs, classes and even housing sometimes. Each school has its own abundant resources that it shares with the others, so no matter what you need, you'll find it! The Scripps Community is one that cares about each of its students. If there is any upset on campus or feelings of alienation, we can come together to discuss and work through everything. Sometimes it's like one big summer camp. Everyone talks, everyone cares. Admin also cares, a lot. We have office hours with our president and deans, we have tea with our professors and The Motley Coffeehouse as our local gathering place. Everyone that works at Scripps, works there for a reason. They are all passionate and caring and out to make college one of our best experiences. My only drawback is that sometimes I do wish Scripps was louder. We have a beautiful campus that is so quiet and nurturing, but I would love it a little bit more if more girls opened their doors, blasted music, chatted in the halls and generally ran around. We're so civilized! Let's get crazier! Scripps is academically challenging and we all love our quiet study time, but I always loved the way my hall had open doors and frequent comings and goings. I just want to say "Open up ladies! Let's have a block party!"


Most beautiful campus and dorms in the world surrounded by mountains and ocean 30 miles away. Womens college which gets tiring to explain to people: but is great also aided by the co Ed Claremont colleges we share classes, dining halls, and sports teams with. Get involved and anything is possible here.


Most of the faculty, especially in the Joint Science Department, are wonderful. Having the availability of the consortium is a big draw and is what I personally appreciated the most as well as the faculty when it came to academics. The campus is gorgeous, if too much so, but it's nice to be able to lay out in the sun in the middle of November. A large issue though is that the diversity needs to increase, or as a matter of fact, needs to exist. This includes socioeconomic status as well as racial diversity.


I love that Scripps is part of a consortium. This allows you to take classes at other campuses, use a variety of facilities that does not belong to Scripps (dining halls, gyms, sport fields, etc.), and meet a lot of people. Since Scripps is an all women's college, I enjoy having four co-ed schools in the consortium. This means having men in your classes, at parties, and around campus. Even though Scripps is a small college, the other four colleges gives it a large university feel with the benefits of a smaller school. Also, Scripps is located in Claremont, CA. Claremont is a beautiful city and the college is very close the the village, a great place to go to dinner, get frozen yogurt, or just walk around.


It is hard to write a "Big Picture" just about Scripps and not about the undergraduate Claremont Consortium overall. The five colleges are so integrated that it feels more like one big campus than five separate ones. While Scripps has less than 1,000 students, the Colleges have over 5,000 people. This contrast is perfect because it makes for small classes and tight-knit communities within Scripps, but also allows for the diversity and social scene of a bigger school. If knowing everyone at your college, making best friends with your professors, and being able to walk across campus and back in 10 minutes excites you - Scripps' small size allows that. If you need a few thousand more people and other perks that a medium-sized school offers, the Claremont Colleges as a whole will still meet your needs. The best place to hang out on Scripps is the Motley Coffeehouse (progressive, feminist, student-run, fair trade, eco-friendly, supporter of the arts, etc. It represents Scripps well) or anywhere outside since our campus is beautiful. Claremont is very small. It's downtown is called the "Village" and it is within walking distance of the schools. It is quaint with several expensive restaurants and boutiques - not very student friendly. But while you won't find the college town - typical row of bars, burrito joints, and Urban Outfitter stores anywhere nearby, there are basic resources like a post office and pharmacy, and some sweet locally-owned places that are well worth checking out. If nothing else, the train station is located in the Village. It will take you to LA in less than an hour. Since Scripps is so small, it is easy for students to get to know administrators. Some stand-out offices are Career Planning and Resources, the Office of Off-Campus Study, and the Student Activities and Residential Life Office (particularly the Office of Off-Campus Study,I just can't say enough good things about them. If you want to study abroad, Scripps is a great place to do it). Some of my favorite things about Scripps are the quirky traditions that have been in place since the early 20th century. Scripps does not take its traditions lightly. We still have tea on Wednesday afternoons and "candlelight dinners' a few times each semester. Even if you're not into the nostalgia overload, you will learn to love these events because they provide you with excellent (often free) food.


What I like about Scripps is the fact that you have access to the resources of the entire Claremont Consortium while still getting the personalized attention you'd expect from a small, private, liberal arts college.