Scripps College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Strong ,self-confident people who are grounded in their lives, who enjoy challenges and want to succeed.


If you prefer discussion based classes and a large humanities department then Scripps College is for you. If you are comfortable with introductory courses, CORE to be precise, that are not inclusive to all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds, then you may be comfortable here. The model Scripps woman is white, upper middle class, and enjoys sundresses, tanning on the lawn, and Wednesday Tea, a Scripps tradition. Scripps will be a big adjustment to anyone from a racially, culturally, ethnically, etc. diverse town.


Scripps is the perfect school for smart women who want to do everything.


visit the school. Feel the vibe for yourself.


A person who is interested in small classes with significant class participation. Someone who enjoys space and quiet, but also likes to blow of steam and stress in any way they want. Someone who is serious about school and has ambitions. Someone, who is open to a muliplicity of perspectives and enjoys challenging people but still willing to be persuaded in another direction. Someone who wants to affect change in the world and has a drive to challenge themself. Non-competitive with others, but pushes themself. Someone who sees the world as their classroom.


Someone not afraid of going out to meet boys, since it is an all-women's college.


Someone looking for a small, friendly liberal arts college where you know most of the students and are involved in further developing the school's short and long-term goals.