Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Seattle Pacific University, a small, 4,000 student private school, tucked away in the beautiful neighborhood of Queen Anne, is a private school that consists of many differnet people from so many different backgrounds that have come together in times of struggle or death and have shown the entire city of Seattle that they will not be broken.


I beautiful place filled with people that make you feel safe and at home.


My school's motto is "engage the culture change the world" and we are a school that does that to the best of our abilities through knowledge and our teachings and faith with Christ.


Our school is a small community where if you don't know somebody, you know some who does.


We place a high priority on imitating Christ, especially by loving and welcoming those around us.


My school is hipster in that many people are artsy and have concern about the environment, but most importantly my school is rigorous in academics.


SPU is a Christian Private University that engages you, as the student, to achieve and make changes in the world.


Seattle Pacific Unversity is all about living in community, while trying to engage the culture and change the world for the better.


A safe and kind enviroment that has the possibility of being perfection for one person, and absolute imperfection for another.


SPU is awesome, period!


My school places a heavy emphasis on finding what you are good at and making a career out of it for the benefit of others.


Seattle Pacific University is a prestigious school that will allow students to obtain a great education and have a high chance of gaining a job after graduation, along with giving students the freedom to have that "college experience" of living in the dorm rooms and meeting new people that become lifelong friends.


Seattle Pacific is a private, highly christian university.


Seattle Pacific University is not only interested in the intellectual growth or their students but also their spiritual growth. SPU's focus is on the whole individual not just facts from a textbook.


The place where world change begins.


A place to discover who you are.


Seattle Pacific University is a rigorous school striving to do the work of God that supports, challenges, and encourages each student academically and spiritually and promotes a fun and healthy lifestyle by providing numerous involvement opportunities.


SPU is a very comfortable place to learn and grow as a young adult.


There is a strong cultural influence because the school is small. It is a bright, high spirited school that emphasizes relationships and personal growth.


Seattle Pacific is a university that seeks to helps me grow as a student, person, and member or society.


Engage the culture and change the world.


My school is in a good Christian community with diversity and chances to meet amazing people from all over.


Seattle Pacific University is an outstanding private university that is devoted to educate students and inspire them to make a difference in their environment through thier motto to "Engage the culture, and change the world".


Seattle Pacific University, is an enlightening urban home that values engaging the culture and changing the world.


Seattle Pacific University is an intimately sized Christian university in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world; for this the student body and faculty are proud, and happy to welcome you to enjoy it too.


SPU is a liberal arts school that emphasizes outreach, leadership and change alongside academics that seek to tie together faith and intellectual endeavors.


A highly academically focused private Christian research institution with some strangely conservative rules that is striving to be relevant to the modern world.


Engaging, intellectual, liberal conservative, that thinks it's more open minded and progressive than it really is


SPU is a great college where young adults can grow into the people they want to be for the rest of their lives, a place where we learn to help out in our community and the world either through missionary works or help releif groups, a place where we learn the needed information to be successful in our majors and the fields we will be going into as we graduate, and spu is a great place for making friends, meeting future contacts, finding internships, and finding future jobs.


Seattle Pacific is relevant to and aware of the enormous world around it.


SPU is a wholesome university with a good reputation and wonderfun students!


SPU is a school rich in community and the hope engaging the world. It is filled with vibrant professors who care about you, and peers who are anxious to invest in relationships. Most students find enjoyment in ways not involving alcohol, and always have something to do with the heart of Seattle being 10 minutes away. Also, there are multiple other sites for out door activities. The education is phenomenal with people always seeking success and never settling for mediocrity. The campus is beautiful as always welcome, no matter the ethnicity or religious background.


A small christian school with 3x as many girls as boys in a residential seattle neighborhood.


This school is about engaging the culture and changing the world through whatever means you have been gifted to do so


My school is ... a christian school.


Great learning atmosphere!


SPU has incredible and indispensible resources - the faculty, staff and the students as well; the accomplishments and experience of just about every professor is impressive - tt is a Chistian University but definitely breaks the mold.


SPU strongly engages the culture and changes the world through fostering genuine friendships and relationships with those we serve


SPU is a small school with great priorities but unfortunatly the students who need money to attend are not always at the top of the list.