Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Seattle Pacific University is well known for their Nursing program. The school seems to be in a bubble, contained from the outside urban environment, yet very much a part of it. I know so many people through classes, and with the small population, I'm very likely to have mutual friends and connections all across campus, from many different majors.


Seattle Pacific Univerisity is best known for being diverse and providing students with the best education possible to achieve their goals and dreams.


Either the Business School or the Nursing/Pre Med program.


My school is well known for being a great private school with good programs. The pre-health and business programs are some of the best in Washington. I feel extremely blessed to be able to be part of the pre-dental program at SPU. I get lots of one-on-one time with my professors and advisors.


Seattle Pacific University is best known for being a private university with many connections to different jobs and internships for the future. They have an outstanding business field along with a great pre-med major. The students and prospective students always talk about the great food SPU offers as well.


My school is best known for enganging the culture to change the world. My school to live up to this motto accepts a range of ethnicities and religon. Also my school being a private christian school works with students to provide opportunities every week, month, and quarter for students to give back to the Seattle community. Finally my school also has differeny ethnic clubs that help teach students about different cultures so that they are knowledgable about other cultures and through that can give back. I like that my school is known for diversity and volunteering.


My school has a really great sense of community. All the peer advisors, residence life counselors, and student ministries coordinators are all really interested in the lives of the students on campus. When I first arrived on campus I felt really welcomed by everyone there. It is a place that I have come to call home.


SPU is best known for academics and a safe community.


My school is known for being a private liberal arts christian school. It is also known for having a great Psychology program and Political Science Program, which I am also currently in. I am double majoring. My school is known for helping out around the community, and having the most beautiful landscaping on campus.


Seattle Pacific University is best known for its global awareness, which has impacted my life immensely. After living in Mexico and Haiti last year, SPU still offers me a way to contribute to global issues even though I am not physically present in those countries. I am amazed as to how many students attending the university are working towards humanitarian causes and yet still manage to maintain a full time schedule. It inspires me to contribute to the needs of humanity in whatever ways that I can with whatever resources that are at my current disposal.


Ask anyone who goes to SPU what they think it is best known for and they will all say "community." Once you are a part of SPU, you start to bleed scarlet and white! Everyone here is friendly and real. Individuality is one of the most highly valued traits here, which makes the school one huge accepting community.


Seattle Pacific University is best known for its Christian atmostphere and being envolved in the surrounding communities and schools as well as its high academic standards.


Seattle Pacific University is very well known for our reigning national championship girls? soccer team, along with other completive athletic programs. International emphasis on coexistence on a local, national, and global level is essential to the mission and goals of Seattle Pacific University. Our mission statement is "Engage the Culture. Change The World". Seattle Pacific University is a Christian school, yet has no denominational emphasis and approximately a quarter of attending students do not affiliate themselves as Christian. Seattle Pacific University's greatest attribute and contribution to society is its community of acceptance, progressiveness, and diversity.


Nursing program Christian affiliation


My school is best known for their extensive and successful Education Program for students aspiring to become teachers. I am working towards becoming a Kindergarten teacher, and Seattle Pacific University's School of Education has a four year program in which I will earn my teachings credentials. Most colleges take five years for that!


SPU is best known for being a Christian University, for our Women's Soccer team (they are Division II National Champions) and for our nursing program.


Expensive private Christian school known for it's living standards contract that students sign saying they will not drink, smoke, do illegal drugs, or cohabitate. Also known for some good sports teams.


I believe Seattle Pacific University is best known for it's overall standing for a small, private university. With approximately four to five thousand students, Seattle Pacific University has smaller classrooms, closer campus facilities, entertaining sports, and very friendly professors and students.


We have a good buisness school but also our pre-med program is amazing. We are known for being a christian school but being liberal about it.