Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

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SPU is a small community where you will quickly get to know most of the undergraduate population. SPU is a Christian university and this will be present during involvement on campus and in the classroom--but not overwhelmingly so. Professors engage students and like diverse and critical thinking.


We are far more close-knit and community-oriented than many other schools.


Seattle Pacific University is really focused on the "therapist as self," which helps you understand who you are, which gives you a stronger base to work off of. You cant help others if your struggling. It is also faith based, which I wanted. It incorporates children as well, and doesnt just focus on adults.


Students love being there and they love being with each other. The community is generally very genuine and it makes you feel at home. Students are actively involved in and off campus in a myriad of service activities. Life at SPU definitely is driven by a commitment to service and a commitment to equipping ourselves to go out and change the world somehow. Located in the heart of the ever diverse Seattle, SPU is full of aspiring scientists, graphic designers, nurses, teachers, and business men/women alike, and hobbying photographers, hikers, long-boarders, slackliners and of course, plenty of hipsters!


The environment is simply different at SPU. The students are very friendly and kind. There is a sense of comfort and belonging when you are walking around campus and it makes you want to be a part of it. It is a small enough school where you can truly invest in relationships and know everyone. The professors are well respected in their fields of study and will challenge you to think about various issues from different perspectives. The professors want students to succeed and will do whatever they can to make that happen.


Seattle Pacific is unique because it is a Christian-based school. On campus everyone is involved and happy to help others out. It's a big deal in my eyes to have a feeling of security at a school; Seattle Pacific is filled with people that care and want to change the world for the better. The professors even care if you pass or fail compared to large public universities who think it's a game to see how many students they can weave out. Seattle Pacific basically is a "home away from home".


Without a doubt, what sets SPU apart is it's community. I know a lot of places might say this but I was honestly amazed when I came here and began to make connctions with people around campus. The environment that the univeristy works to foster is so perfect for anyone willing to have or be a friend, and you can't help but find positive influences to grow with and by. Not only do they encourage personal growth in a relational sense but also when it comes to academics and in developing plans for the future.


Seattle Pacific is a very unique school because even though it is a private christian school, you do not have to be christian to go here. It teaches christian theology and educates you in it, so christians and non-christians can learn more about the religion. Also, SPU is the only school that i know of that has such a loving community. You can literally walk up to anyone on campus and have a great conversation with them about anything.


There is a strong emphasis on spirituality and learning beyond the classroom. The location of the school is wonderful, it is close enough to downtown to hang out, but far enough to feel safe.


People truly care abou you there.


The community at SPU is amazing; I wouldn't trade these friendships for anything. The education is top-notch and it is located just north of Seattle in a nice area called Queen Anne, which is mostly residential area with streets for grocery shopping, coffee shops, and hardware stores, so it's a small town feel. Ten minutes or so away, however, is dowtown Seattle, full of amazing opprotunities for art, music, shopping, and overall culture. The location of Seattle Pacific is a perfect spot.


The University is just the right size, it's religously affliated and is located in Seattle! Seattle is one of the top cities in the US, and it is about 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. Seattle is amazing! The school is located in the cozy Seattle neighborhood of Queen Anne, it's pretty much in the middle of everything. You have easy access through the nearby buslines and bike paths to the surrounding Seattle districts like Fremont, Queen Anne, Ballard and Downtown Seattle which are definitely a treat to explore! I love it!


The professors are loyal to engaging our culture and changing the world, they care about us on a personal level and want us to succeed. The major I am apart here is completely unique to any school I believe. The Global Development studies major allows us students to understand extreme world poverty and looks out how we've failed in the past with foreign aid so we can learn from our mistakes. The Professor who designed the major ties in her faith with what we are doing, and I believe it makes the major incomparable.


The school I attend is unique in that the classroom sizes are very small and intimate, the professors are willing to work with you to higher your grade or understand the curriculum more efficienty, and the Christian atmosphere provides a universal community striving to live for the Lord.


SPU is one of the few Christian schools located in the heart of a large urban city. Because of its location, many opportunities exist for pursuing our school's mission, which is to "engage the culture and change the world." The community is tight-knit, and few leave feeling unwelcome. SPU places great emphasis on quality relationships as well as personal motivation and independence.


SPU is a safe, quiet, and beutiful campus?5 minutes away from downtown Seattle. SPU is all about location. Situated on a pretty canal, city traffic is siphoned off away from campus. We're within walking distance of the eccentric Freemont neighnborhood AND the charming Queen Anne neighborhood?both of which have years worth of food and activities to explore. Then there's Downtown Seattle with the professional sports, world-class theatre scene, breathtaking Puget Sound scenery, and endless cultural and service experiences. A little further and you've got the cascade mountains packed with outdoors stuff to do....


It is very community focused and driven to engage the larger culture around it. With this outreach focus you also get a rigorous education and a degree that means something when you graduate.


This was a much smaller school than other schools I considered. This means smaller class sizes. Since I would be in classes with less people, I felt like I could have a better relationship with my professors and feel comfortable asking them questions or seeking help when I needed it. This gives me a better learning experience and helps me to understand all of the information they are trying to teach.


This school has a focus on preparing students to make a meaningful difference in the world. It has a distinctly evangelical identity, but is accepting and tolerant of students from many denominations and religious affiliations.


It's a small, Christian school with an amazing faculty that asks students to think; they don't simply dump information into your head