Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone here is super nice and friendly for the most part, however, it may take time to realize that because, to me at least, there seem to be a large number of shy/introvert people here but once you start talking to them, you realize how awesome they are.


Students are from a number of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, with international students also increasing every year. There are more women then men, which students often joke about, calling it the "SPU ratio". Students are for the most part welcoming, engaging, and fun. Crime and behavior problems are extremely low compared to many schools. Community is a term that holds a lot of value and is sought out by students, often creating life-long friendships and relationships.


My class at SPU truly cares for one another on more than just a superficial level.


The typical SPU student is a well-rounded Christian that cares about academics, yet is more likely to live a balanced life full of travel experiences, a large social life, and a mind willing to embrace adventure in order to produce a life that makes the world a better place, literally, all while wearing a classy plaid flannel and TOMS shoes.


My classmates at SPU are probably the most supportive, loving, and caring people I have ever met, and I know that I can feel welcome whatever class I am in at SPU.


Some of them were very fun and welcoming while others were mean and elitist.


Firstly, my fellow students at SPU are very passionate about the fields that they pursue at college. Everyone finds an area of study that they love and fit into perfectly. Secondly, almost all of my peers at SPU are very involved in all sorts of things; many volunteer, plenty of students are active in clubs and sports, and a fair amount of the students are very involved in church and Christian activities (SPU is a Christian School). Lastly, SPU is very much a community. The students all care about each other deeply and are involved in each other's lives.


Energetic people who are goal oriented and know how to have a fun time, while still studying and working hard to get good grades.


Seattle Pacific University has been a community of growth where I have personally been able to thrive. Not only are professors thoroughly invested in the success and learning of their students, but students are concerned with one another's well-being. Dorm life is incredibly fun, but also unbelievably encouraging, challenging, and vibrant with growth, life, and love. I feel the genuine care and concern of fellow students and thoroughly enjoy their company and their meaningful conversation and investment in my life. Seattle Pacific has provided lifelong learning and lifelong friendships.


My Classmates are absolutely wonderful. I'm staying in a residence hall on campus, and I'd call almost all of the guys on my floor my friends. The other students I meet in my classes are very friendly and genuinly want to get to know me. I've found that my classmates are easy to work with.


The students at Seattle Pacific are fairly conservative. Fashionable, yet conservative, wearing the latest trends from Nordstrom, or unique brands that reflect the "hipster" style. Guys generally wear tight jeans, leather jackets, beanies and carry messenger bags. Girls generally layer their clothing, wearing skirts with thick tights and knee high boots. It reflects a nature like style with colors. Most girls dress up for class, where as some just wear yoga attire- lululemon's. The tables in the dining hall are always packed. There are tables were just three students sit together or there are large groups of girls where everyone, including many men, are trying to join the table and talk to the girls. The there are tables with people studying. There are often tables where just a few students are sitting quietly, then some other more social students join them bringing their possy. The most prevalent financial background would be upper middle class, to upper class, most students are white. There is very little racial diversity. Everyone has nice things, and often times flaunts them. Generally, students stray away from politics or stay more on the conservative side. Anyone who did not grow up in a religious home, a wealthy background may feel uncomfortable and out of place at SPU.


My classmates are extremely diverse; in terms of culture, personality, beliefs, religion and values.


For the most part, a lot of the students are sheltered.


My classmates are all very supportive , focused and determined to succeed in this college world.


My classmates are all very proactive and uplifting to be around. Doing the right thing is important to a vast majority of them


To start with, many of the students can seem sheltered and shallow--by the time you hit upper division classes you start to get a variety of respectable and well-informed opinions and perspectives. It's not uncommon to see familiar faces is various classes and around campus.


My academic-focused, encouraging classmates are a diverse group of people with fascinating background stories that really help you get a feel for what the world is like in other walks of life, which also helps you learn a lot about yourself.


I have very unique classmates that help me grow by sharing thier experiences and backgrounds with me.


Whether they are driven, encouraging, outgoing, or just plain friendly, my classmates are so much like me and we all work together because we each have similar goals.


My classmates are like my family.


Most of my classmates are immature at times, do not take school serious enough, but some succeed and do try very hard.


My classmates are nice, smart, and genuinely happy people.


A variety of students with a variety of opinions on various matters, but willing to listen to all viewpoints.


Let's just say that if I walked up to any one of the students at my university, I would be able to have a solid conversation without any awkwardness at never having met them before; they are warm, friendly, and downright awesome people.


My clssmates are individuals who share many of the same values I do and are willing to work hard to earn a grade which reflects their efforts.


My classmates are very hard working and focused on success.


The majority of my classmates are upperclass caucasian students that are friendly yet interested in individual gain.


Brilliantly intelligent, kind and dynamic.


Engaging, intelligent, liberal conservatives, who think they are more open minded then they really are


I enjoy spending time with my classmates, both in the classroom and out.


The majority of students at SPU are deep thinkers who love Jesus and are looking for ways to change the world for the better.


My classmates at SPU are some of my favorite people in the world; they are real, motivated, spontaneous, and desire to make a difference.


Wealthy caucasion Christians


They are friendly and willing to help with academic problems or just spend time and get to know you.


My classmates are all very nice people and at times have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable at this school, even at times where I might not have otherwise fit in.


My classmates in my major are cliquie and talk alot.


My classmates are kind, helpful and fun!


My classmates are friendly, compassionate, generous, passionate, and have a lot of integrity.


Friendly, compassionate, outgoing, and positive.


I'm going to be very honest. It seems like the majority of the students at SPU are "the weird kids", that handful of kids that no one really ever got. They're great people, but many are a little off.