Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is the tuition cost; however the experience, friends, and knowledge definitely make it worth while!


The worst thing I consider about my school is the price and how expensive it is. It has been my dream for the past three years to attend this school and I am afraid I will not be able to finish, or will finish my education in debt. I financially cannot afford that.


Since I have moved to Seattle and started to attend school at Seattle Pacific University, I have loved every moment of it. If it came down to one thing that I don't like about this university, it would have to be the usage of the G-D word. I have never liked that word, and I do not like to hear it. I have heard this word a lot now that i have been to this college which is weird with it being a Christian university.


The worst thing about my school is probably out-of-state students feeling left out. A lot of the students are from same high schools and already have a group of friends. It's hard to fit into those groups since they seem to be somewhat closed off and exclusive.


The worst thing about the University of washington (where is graduated in 2011) is that it is such a large school. You can really just skate on by, and not get involved. You can just blend into the wood work and no one really notices. The one thing about Seattle Pacific University, where I will attend in the fall, is that it is really expensive.


There is nothing really bad about SPU; in fact, I love it! One thing that may be a deciding factor about coming to SPU or not is probably the amount of money you have to pay in order to attend the school. Your education and the experiences you have, though, are worth every penny you pay!


The worst thing about my school is that the weekends can often be boring. I think this is due to the amount of kids that go home on the weekends, and the lack of parties due to the lack of a greek system and because it's a Christian school. If you are looking to party, this is not the school. We have to get very creative to find stuff to do on weekend nights.


While Seattle Pacific University has an incredible atmosphere for learning and growth, it also faces the challenges of a small, private institution. Education at this school is extremely expensive, but also very well respected and valuable. The community also sometimes feels stifling to those who have differing views or opinions on things, because, as it is a small, Christian school, their are standards and beliefs which are upheld by faculty and the large majority of students. This can be challenging, but also can be the instigator of personal growth and development.


The overbearing administration. It doesn't allow a lot of diversity or open thought unless there is a large amount of protest to the contrary.


Personally I can't think of anything that is terrible about SPU, for the school seems to suit my needs and personality really well. Though like I said in the last question, it is really easy to become over-involved at SPU. In a sense it is not bad that we have a strong sense of community, however sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. There are so many options to get connected at SPU, wheras there is little publicity about opportunities to get invovled outside of the school.


Way to religious!!!!


The worst thing about my school is how expensive it is. Because of this I am struggling to afford it.


The overful amount of white girls that dont share too much a diverse opinion.


I think the worst thing about my university would be the lack of school spirit and involvement with sports. It is very strong in music, acting, and arts. But the sports programs are extremely strong too. The women's soccer team won a national championship and half the school didnt even know about it. And we dont have a football team which i think sucks and would bring that unity the school needs. And we are just extremely small.




The biggest problem I have with Seattle Pacific University is that they are too strict when it comes to alcohol. Every student signs a contract stating that he/she will not drink or be involved with alcohol while they are attending SPU. This means that you can get in trouble for just being around alcohol, even if you are the designated driver and not drinking.


There are no glaring faults with my school. For me, I think the school should have more available bus passes. Seattle Pacific University has an attendance of close to three thousand, and yet only has fifty available bus passes. This would not be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that Seattle Pacific University uses this feature as a prominent marketing and advertisement strategy.


The worst thing would be the "bubble" aspect of it. School provides a wonderfully safe environment for its students but this, I feel gives students a false sense of security and little realize how harsh the realities of the world are.


Lack of variety in on-campus dining.


I consider the overall cost of attendance to be the worst thing about my school, though it doesn't seem excessive for a private university.


The worst thing about my school is that it is so expensive! I understand that private Universities are more expensive, I just wish that it didn't cost so much. I am paying for college solely from need based grants and scholarships!


The worst thing about SPU is the "bubble" that many students live in, whether intentionally or not. SPU could be entirely self-contained because all the necessary (and extra) social outlets are available without ever leaving campus. SPU is not Seattle. While students get off campus for restaurants or shopping, most do not invest in relationships with Seattlites. By isolating themselves on campus, students are uninformed about the needs of the greater community of Seattle. Suicide, homelessness, and non-religious involvement are a few grave problems in Seattle, yet students at SPU remain untouched and uninvolved with these issues.


The only thing that comes to mind is the housing situation. SPU has great dorms, but they have enrolled more students than they have room for. This led to a new mandate put into effect at the beginning of this year: dorms are no longer available to juniors or seniors (there are exceptions). Upperclassmen must find off campus lodging. I don't think it is right for the university to change the rules on students who enrolled with the understanding that they would have on-campus lodging for four years. A new dorm is scheduled but it will take time.


This is my second year at Seattle Pacific University and I am having trouble thinking of any complaints. They have been wonderful in keeping open and clear communication, supplying programs, offering specific help and advising when needed, and providing an excellent education. The only minor downfall I can think of is the poor ratio of men to women. No, this university is not perfect, but I am impressed at their organization and how enriching my experience has been.


SPU has lifestyle expectations that are good to an extent, but limit certain things. There is no drinking whatsoever, but it's almost worked as a catalyst in triggering students to drink just to spite the form we all signed. I understand that it's there for donors to look at and want to contribute money, but it needs to be altered in such a way that makes it fair to students, or doesn't promote actions of naive people wishing to go against what the school says just to make a point.


Lack of on campus acitivites, there is nothing to do besides school here.


Lack of diversity; most students are white upper class teenagers. My school is a Christian school so there is minimal diversity. Furthermore, ther is a certain degree of censorship of ideas and opinions.


The smaller size of the school sometimes limits funding or resources that could better our programs.


I am not sure


students can be closed-minded, snobbish. not many choices for classes because of size. required classes don't transfer at other universities.


I think the worst thing about my school is the high tuition. I really like my school, but the tuition is one thing that really makes attending here hard.


The Cost becuase its so expensive and im not sure if I can afford it


In my opinion, one of the negative aspects of Seattle Pacific University is that it has not committed itself in any noticeable ways to being environmentally friendly. I believe that there are ways we can reduce waste, and increase our sustainability. I am aware that there have been joint student and faculty efforts to identify areas of weakness and create plans of action, but have not seen the results yet.


the religion


i don't appreciate the quarter system. i think it seems more academic but it really doesn't allow students to retain information.