Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person who loves to learn and enjoys the company of other good people. A Person that wants to feel like they are going to be noticed.


Someone who would like a safe enviroment that still has oppertunities where they would be challenged. Someone who is really to dive into community.


I would say a person who puts God first should come to this school, because it is a Christian University. I also think if someone isnt a christian they should come to this school if they are hard working and want to really engage as a student. SPU is very serious about graduating student of competence so i think people who come to SPU should really want to succeed and not party their way through college.


I believe any type of person can attend this school and be sucessful academically as well as relationally.


This is not a party school. Yes, we do socialize occassionally. There is not a Greek system or a bunch of clicks for people to join. We focus on academics and changing the world (starting with ourselves). It does have a high ratio of females over males, so that may be something to consider. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to suceed in their chosen field, but doesn't want to be miserable doing it.


open minded, with a willingness to listen to lectures about religion.


Spu houses students that are generally outgoing, and those who like to be challenged. SPU has great opportunities if you are willing to work hard and put the time in. Also it is a christian school so this gives a great opportunity to build on your faith as well.


SPU is the kind of place where anyone can fit in but the people certainly have something different about them. We're a campus of very caring, friendly people, many of whom really want to reach out and do great things in the world for others. There are many opportunities for students to get involved in service on campus and in surrounding the community, as well as in downtown Seattle. SPU is "the place where world change begins", the main focus of all major programs is to prepare its graduates to make a big change in the world.


The typical SPU person is one who adheres to the "cool" factor by the way they dress, the music they listen to, the coffee they drink, and the amount of money they have--which is a lot. The SPU-er should be ready to be faced with a lot of "Jesus-high" people who are overly optimistic on life and school, and are just so enthusiastic to help you fit in.


Students looking for small classes, professors who care and will give extra help, comfortable on christian based campus, in a small community, yet in the heart of a fun, big city, full of adventure and culture. SPU has excellent small groups, campus activities and competive programs and athletics on a beautiful campus, but does sometimes feel like a big high school full of rich white kids.


Someone who identifies with an urban setting/ atmosphere and considers themselves a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe someone who doesn't place as much value but stil wants a sport accecable school should consider this institution.


A person that is excited and serious about getting a quality education and diving into their studies with a supportive team of teachers, as well as someone who wants to use their education to make a positive impact in the world should attend Seattle Pacific University.


Great for anyone seeking to further their education in a supportive Christian environment with a friendly community atmosphere. Great for business and pre-med majors especially.


Muslims and hindus and other devout religious people to challenge the Christian worldview in order to holistically provide a realistic education.


Anyone looking to get out into the real world while still having a religious or moral guide. As the school is right in down town Seattle, it is easy to have fun and keep up with the times, but there are a lot of rules with this university that contradict most world morals and ideas of fun. Boys looking to find their future wives would do a good job with coming here.


I believe that anyone looking for an exception education consisting of small class sizes and talented professors, combined with an environment that challenges you personally in your beliefs should attend this university. Seattle Pacific University also has a strong biblically based world view which focuses on outreach in the community as well as around the world, thus an excellent choice for anyone who has a heart for humanity. Another aspect of SPU that stands out is the music department, which is strongly influenced by the music scene of Seattle, and welcomes student looking to hone their abilities.


It does not matter what kind of person you are to attend this school. It doesn't matter what kind of person you consider yourself, you will find another person like you that can relate. It does not matter your religion, although this is a christian school, they do not force the religion upon you. In every class they might talk about your faith but when it comes to going to church it is optional. This is a great school, great campus and great food. I strongly suggest this school to be a top choice for anybody.


Very religious, conservative, does not drink or smoke, likes the city, wants to attend a small school.


Anyone! O-k so maybe not anyone. Someone who doesnt mind, or likes, a smaller college. A person who enjoys being in a big city with tons of things to do all the time. Someone who agrees with SPU mission statement of "Engaging the culture, changing the world." Someone who while wants to get a degree and a future job in that area they also want to do good in that field or in the world around them. How about some guys too we are a little short on guys so the kind of person should be "guys". :)


Any kind, really. It's a majority upper-middle class, white, private Christian University. But they give great financial aid and are trying to draw a more ethnically diverse student body. Also, the ratio of women to men is around 5 to 2, so whatever that means to you...


A person - seeking understanding of Christian politics, who wants to engage the culture, change the world, learn deeply and be in community with others. Someone who wants to grow in their own faith, whatever that may be. Every person on this campus has their opinions and each has something to offer. The surrounding community is extremely diverse and someone who wants to attend this school should prepare to engage with it and find immense growth within.


The best type of person to attend this school is someone who would like to learn how to make a difference in the world, and is willing to take the extra step to do it.


Anyone who recognizes that college is a time for us to grow up and anyone who values growing up to be a decent, open-minded person who is cognizant of the world around them.