Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Academic clubs are very active.


There are many different traditions on campus that occur in the dorms. Each dorm floor has their own specific "initiation", which involves wholesome fun. For example, the floor I lived on kidnaps you, drives you to different places, and has you complete tasks. There is a candle lit ceremony that is fake, which they later explain. Big sisters are given out, like in sororities. A tradition called Tradition happens every year on campus before Christmas break. Everyone dresses up in their best Christmas outfit and goes to Tiffany loop where there are Christmas carols, pictures with santa, card making and hot coco drinking. Popular student groups are generally bible studies and community outreach programs. There are a very minimal amount of students who participate in underage drinking at SPU. Generally, students will find a movie to watch, a game to play, or an activity to go do on weekends. Last weekend, I had to work. However, when I lived in the dorms, my life was much more active with activities such as ice skating, movie going, and organized games such as cops and robbers, and apples to apples.