Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


SPU is small, so all of the classrooms are only occupied by 15-30 students, rather than a 200 person lecture hall. The professors at SPU are very kind, and personable. I have had two of the same professors throughout my entire freshman year. It was good to get to know them, and I felt like I could ask them for help in any subject.


I brag most about having smaller sized classes. The students aren't just a number to the professors and we are given the opportunity to build closer relationships with our professors. By doing so, they get to know us beyond the classroom and are able to recommend internships, jobs, etc. related to our specific field of study.


What I brag about most in my school is the location. Seattle Pacific University is in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Seattle, Queen Anne Washington. It is near to so many places. Downtown is just one short bus ride away. The Queen Anne Ave. is one short walk away in the same direction as downtown. In the other direction is the hip district of Freemont and then University of Washington is also just one short bus ride away in that direction. There are also numerous beautiful parks in walking or running distance to complete the location.


If there is one thing about Seattle Pacific University that has consistently amazed me it is its incredible artistic community. SPU, due to its advantageous size, location in Seattle, and student demographics has a wonderful ability to produce some of the most artisticly talented people I've ever met. SPU is full of musicians, poets, singer-songwriters, graphic designers, etc. all constantly creating beauty in the world. I am so lucky to be a part of a group of students that care about producing art and producing it collaboratively.


I probably brag most about the class sizes at Seattle Pacific University. There are many advantages to a small school, small class sizes being one of them. I love the intimate setting of the classrooms at SPU. I get to know the name of everyone in most of my classes, and am on a first-name basis with the professor. I thrive in this sort of learning environment where I can engage in class discussions with my professors and peers.


The community is by far one of my favorite things about SPU


I love that my school is a smaller school where the professors can actually pay plenty of attention to you. The science program is great, they emphasize research reaching 90% acceptance into medical schools. I also love the community. Its a Christian school, but they emphasize volunteer work and you can easily get plugged in. The Robbins apartment is a great place to stay because it provides just enough privacy yet an atmosphere of socializing.


My university has a very supportive small community that makes everyone feel welcome. It is a private christian university that strives to give every student a well rounded liberal arts education and the professors are all supportive and highly intelligent as well as capable. Our school motto is "enganging the culture and changing the world" and so we strive as a whole university to better not only ourselves but help improve the world around us.


I mostly brag to my friends about SPU's mission statement: "Engage Culture, Change the world." I find that the mission statement resonates so closely to who I am and aspire to be.


It is so amazing to live in Seattle. I have had so much fun living there and also going to school because there are endless things to do and so many resources and business connections you can make while attending college and building an education.


The community and small class sizes


It has really great food and a Christian community. I like that it is a small Christian school and you can get to know people really fast and be able to see them around the school. Plus there is a 4 to 1 girl to guy ratio!


The close knit community. I made life long friends in only a few short days! Everyone is so friendly and truly caring. The professors really care and are always willing to meet with you, whether its for class or just to get coffee and chat. Seattle is an incredible city to live in.


I brag mostly about how close I am with the girls on my floor. Obviously making friends is a huge part of college, and SPU's residence life is packed full of mixers, socials, and floor bonding activities. Geared toward people who want to do more in their life than party, each floor in the residence halls has their own crazy traditions that are too top secret to share! Plus, not only does SPU provide clubs and activities that help scared freshman fit in, but the Christian atmosphere helps students mature spiritually too as independent individuals.


Mainly how friendly our school is. Doors are always open in the dorms, people are always smiling and ready to hear about how my day was. The student body is extremly service focused, but knows how to have fun, without alcohol or any other substances. We are both athletically and academically highly competitive, (home to the XC national champion, as well as womans soccer national champs). The class sizes are small, with the average being right about 30 students per class. Professors are ready to help, and more then willing to go on a coffee date to discuss material.


I like everyone to know how welcoming and safe the Seattle Pacific University campus is. The faculty give students one-on-one attention any time we need it; whether it be for tutoring or one of life's little hitches, they are always available to help. The student body is very diverse, dedicated, and respectful. Here at SPU we really are "embracing culture and changing the world."


I brag to my friends about the sound teaching I receive from SPU, an education that is well-rounded and fair, being taught from diverse points of view and with a liberality of perspective.




Seattle Pacific is all about engaging the culture and changing the world. It's on our banners across campus, but students and staff take this seriously. The goal is not to live life in our little protected bubble. Whether it be serving the homeless in our city, travelling aborad to learn another culture or simply engaging in conversation with others from diverse backgrounds, the goal is to learn and serve. The programs and organizations give students the opportunity to do something bigger than themselves. Graduates are truly people of character and competence that go out to change the world.


The community and loyalty of the students


Again, I brag about the community. I tell them of the opportunities I have had to meet amazing people here. I also mention the small class sizes, the excellent professors, and the stimulating class discussions, especially those that take place in the honors program classes. I tell them about the intramurals I am a part of, and the clubs I am involved with. I tell them how I can design my own major. And, finally, I tell them how being at thsi school has helped me grow as a person, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.


Seattle! SPU's motto is "engage the culture, change the world." This would be a hard goal to pursue if the students were isolated in a library for four years. SPU challenges their students in the classroom and then sends them out into the world. With downtown Seattle a mere 10 minute bus ride away, I can engage the culture on a tangible level: I encounter poverty on the street corners in the faces of the homeless, view priceless art at the SAM, eat Thai cuisine in Fremont, watch midnight lazer shows under the space needle. Seattle overflows with culture!