Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone looking for a party school should not attend our school. College Prowler ranks us as the tamest party school in the state, much to the joy of our student body. We pride ourselves in being a responsible school. Instead of throwing incredible "ragers", we love to explore the incredibly diverse city of Seattle and spend time as a community building lifelong relationships and contacts.


Seattle Pacific University is a very well diverse university, and that was something that was new to me. I have seen a lot more than what I would have back home in Missouri. With this in mind, I would have to say that there isn't a specific person that shouldn't attend this school. If I absolutely had to pick a type of person to not attend this university, it would have to be a person that just would not be able to afford it, since this is a very expensive school.


I don't think there is any type of person who should not attend this school. Professors and students are accepting of everyone. Everyone is allowed to hold thier own beliefs and feel comfortable with them. This school is in the city, but even though I am not a fan of cities, I love the area!


If you are looking for a crazy party life, lack enthusiasm for education, or completing college for no apparent reason, this is not for you. SPU is very well rounded in every aspect from classes to professors. Classes are amazing and interactive in both Christianity and education material. Professors want you to succeed and will break their backs to see you thrive. SPU hosted activities are interactive and productive. You will feel like you’re at home, yet away from home.


While this school is open and welcoming to all prospective students of all backgrounds, SPU's outlook, mission, and curriculum have Christianity woven throughout. If someone hates Christianity, completely discounts the Bible, or has no interest at this point in their life at developing a God-conscious mindset, then don't come here. That isn't to say you can't, or that you shouldn't (who knows what God will do?) but it doesn't make a lot of sense for staunch athiests to be here (or people of other devoute religious beliefs)


Some one who is intellectually curious and willing to use all the opporunities at hand. If you want relationships with your professors (and good ones) this is the place to go. Every professor here is incredible.


Someone who is looking for a large campus with big classes. SPU would not be a good fit for someone who likes to be able to fall into the crowd and kind of "go it alone." If a student is looking for a place where they are free to make their own rules on how to act and behave while living on campus, SPU would not be a good fit. Seattle Pacific has a set of lifestlye expectations that are not for everyone.


Non-christians might be made uncomfortable by some elements of the Christian atmosphere that is present throughout SPU. But as long as one isn't seriously opposed to Christianity, it shouldn't be a problem. I have a friend who is Hindu and loves being a part of SPU. She even appreciates religious discussion that we share and the atmosphere of purpose that SPU creates. Also, if you're looking for a party school, SPU isn't for you. Some people go and party (most go to UW parties), but plenty of students have fun in other ways.


People who are looking to party hard and go to college for this sole reason wouldn't enjoy their time at SPU.


Someone who should not attend this type of school is someone who is not looking for building a community. SPU is very much a community centered school. There are always floor/dorm activities going on. Also, if you are someone who plans on skipping class often, don't come to SPU. The average class is around 40 students and teachers DO take attendance. Lots of times a portion of your grade for a course is based on attendance and participation. If you do love community and a supportive staff environment, however, do come to SPU!


This school is very strict on living expectations in the dorms. Anyone who is looking for the typical college experience of getting drunk and partying everynight will not find that here. Students are required to sign a contract at the beginning of the year stating they will not participate in any substance use, and if they are caught doing so the student will be fined.


This is not a party school. Students who are looking for nothing but partying, drinking and smoking should not go here. They will be more of an outcast. Some studies do party but it is not the norm. All other students would feel welcome at this school, no matter their background, study habits and religious affiliation.




I find that as long as individuals desire to engage in the culture and change the world, they share the vision of Seattle Pacific University. I do not recommend SPU to individuals that are not willing to accept all people as they are, work hard, or to use their degrees to make a contribution to their fellow mankind. Regardless, all are welcome at SPU. The accepting, warm community of SPU welcomes all individuals to engage in healthy relationships as well as challenges individiuals to develop self-awareness and a new found emotional intelligence.


I don't think I would say any type of person SHOULDN'T attend this school. It's really diverse and I see all types of people here.


The type of person who should not attend this school is a person who is looking to join the Greek system, which we do not have on campus. Some students attending SPU are not religious, but if people are easily offended by conversations about Christianity then this may not be the best place for them, even though al religions are welcomed. Along with that, if a person does not enjoy living on a floor with only their same gender peers then SPU might not be the best choice.


People who like to party and do illegal substances should not attend this school because it is generally discouraged and takes away from learning.


People that are not religious and have no will to take part in activities or classes related to religion should not come here. With this in mind, people that have views contradictory to the Bible may find it difficult to fit in here or enjoy many of the classes. Also, girls looking for someone to marry should DEFINATELY not bother apply to Seattle Pacific University.


People who love the rain, coffee, deep thinking, engaging their culture, and working to make a positive change in the world. This school is full of people who love each other and desperatley want to make a differance. The faculty here also suppport that mission and the university as a whole is very focused on not only the development of thier students, but the community around them.


Any person who is intolerant of Christian ideals. It's a Christian university after all. Also, it's is a pretty small campus so someone who needs an abundance of updated resources wouldn't like it here.


People who are not christian should not attend this school. The school is focused on teaching with Christianity and encorpoating the ideas into the Christian ideal. People who are not willing to pray before class, discussed Christianity should not attend.


Anyone who finds religion oppressive or judgmental may wish to not attend this school (although this school might have the potential to change that person's mind)


The only kind of person what would be truly unhappy here is someone who is a very serious party animal. To attend this school you must agree to refrain from drugs alcohol and tobacco, and for someone who has no concept of fun without one or more of those things would not enjoy this school.


SPU is a bad place for non-religious students and those with little money.


Any person who seeks a large school environment. If one desires to remain a nameless face in a lecture hall of hundreds of students, to not be known by one's dorm mates, to not have the opportunity to be involved with student government, to not be challenged to learn as a member of a larger community, then SPU is not the place to be.


I do not think there is a certain kind of person that should not attend Seattle Pacific University. All are welcome. In my opinion, the more diversity, the better. We need more people from diverse backgrounds, and different ways of thinking to enrich our community. To those who are interested in attending, be assured that you will be challenged and encouraged to integrate what you are learning into your whole personhood: head, heart, and hands.


gay atheists


A person that can't handle the idea of rules set by the administration. The biggest rules are against drinking, sex, and drugs. Although there are some people that secretly break the rules. There are all sorts of people at Seattle Pacific University. It is easy to find a place to fit in.


Someone who just wants to goof around and not actually work on their education. SPU isn't the most difficult school, but it's a waste of money if one is going to party all the time. Do it at UW, it's cheaper.