Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew that there were mandatory religion classes. I was looking for a college that was a private school and Seattle Pacific was perfect, everything religion based was optional and I fell in love with it the moment I stepped on campus. I know many people here have a background of religion, I do as well, but not knowing there were mandatory classes based on the Christian faith threw me off when I registered.


That I might not be able to double major in Theater Performance Arts and Visual Communication. Each major is a huge work load, and it will be very difficult to major in both.


The community is small, so be prepared to jump in headfirst if you want to get to know your peers.


Before going to Seattle Pacific University it would have been nice to know about the dorms. Each dorm has a stereotype assigned to it, which for the most part are true. Not much is really said about Moyer besides for the fact it smells. Emerson is known as the nice dorms but awful to live in. Hill is known as the too loud kids in Gwinn (the cafeteria) and Ashton is known as the loud in the dorms kids. Overall Hill and Ashton are known as the best two dorms to live in with the only difference being preference.


I wish I knew more about finding financial assistance for tuition payments.




I wish I would have known to be myself. When I first got to college and met everyone, I wanted to make people like me so I could make friends. That was foolish though, because if you live your life with this front of someone you are not, it can get very old. Also, in the end your real friends are going to be those who love you for who you are. I wish I would have had a better sense of spending money. Money goes fast in college, so be smart about it!


I wish I had known that I am very capable of making excellent grades with time management and hard work. Financially, if I had prepared better, it would have made a huge difference. Now I'm struggling to pay tuition, but if I had taken more time to meet with people and research I would have been more at peace. Also be yourself, join clubs, have fun because its not good to be stressful. Do the quiet time in the mornings like you love. Adore the sun whenever possible, play outside and breathe.


Seattle Pacific university is a christian university, but much of the "christian" lifestyle is optional. You must go out and be responsible about your faith. This is not a bad thing, I just wish I had known it would be a completely independent thing from my education.


I wish I had known more about the faculty and the successes of students who graduated from SPU.


There are not that many good looking girls


I wish i had known that time is vauable and it needs to be savored. You may thing you have all this free time, but you don't. That time that you have for so many hours after class is ment for studying and actually doing your homework. In college all the work is on you. No one is going to push you to do it unless you have some really close friends that care about you and will tell you to do it. Besides them your on your own to ask people for help and support.


this school is fairly straight forward


It take longer than a few weeks to get adjusted.


I wish i had known about running start. I think it is a great opportunity and helps you get ahead in your college education. Rather than coming in as a freshman with zero credits, you can come in with credits and technically be a sophomore. More credits also help when registering for classes because the more credits you have the earlier you can register.


I wish I had known how much more expensive it was going to get. Tuition keeps rising and financial aid doesn't keep up. Thankfully I have state work-study so finding my jobs was a little easier. I also wish I had known to get a laptop right from the start--desktops don't belong in dorm rooms.


I wish I knew how much I would learn and how much I would be challenged academically, spiritually, and mentally. It has been a wonderful growing experience but I did not know before I came how much I would actually grow and change.


I wish I had been more certain about what type of career I want when I grow up before spending tuition money.


I wish before coming to Seattle Pacific University I had known the culture of each of the dorms and had more options of where I could live i.e. off campus or not. I also wish I had known how great a city Seattle is and that it is a good idea to bring a car to school for activities and a little more freedom to get off campus.


That alot of students lead very hypocritical lives. Also which professors are the best on campus.


That it would be quite academically challenging and that it would take some time to get use to the intensity of my schedule.


I wish I had known to apply for more scholarships before attending SPU, as it is a fairly expensive school.


I wish I knew my major because I will not graduate on time. It seems as if it is impossible to graduate on time for a lot of people these days. I also wish I knew more about clubs I could get involved in from the start.


It would have been helpful for me to experiment with majors at a cheaper school first. I am spending extra money because I am now behind in the major that I am switching to, it's not too big of a misfortune because I am overly pleased with my new major.


There are two things I wish I would have known before attending college. The first is knowing that the administration of residence life truly does a great job of bonding the floors and forcing people to make friends. If I had known this, I wouldn't have been as nervous the months before school. The second insight I wish I knew before college is that you don't need to spend every minute with your roommate. I thought that I needed to do every activity with her, but in reality you are allowed to go out with your other friends.


I wish I would have known the extent of the required religious classes and how much the university classes are all based around Chrisitianity. I did not grow up with a religious background but I am open to learning about religion. But the school is very strong in its beliefs and its teachings of Christianity.


If I had known that I would be immediately welcomed to this school, I wouldn't have stressed about my college decision ALL summer. If I had known that I would have the freedom of choice and ability to voice my opinion without being disrespected, I would have made my decision MUCH earlier. And if I had known that this would be the school of my dreams and the fulfillment of so many opportunities, I couldn't have dreamed bigger.


Seattle Pacific University is best known for engaging the culture of others. We have many opportunities to get involved with people from all over the world. This makes for an amazing learning opportunity. Many classes involve studying different cultures. My school also has a great amount of extra curricular activities in which you can learn about different ethnicities as well as participate in their traditions. Our Cafeteria is known for having all types of food from around the world as well.


If you want to have friends, just plunge into school activities. Everyone really is friendly, but you have to work to build relationships. Go out to lunch with people.


I think that I was actually very informed about all the things that I've done. I do wish that I was able to get a job before coming to the area. It's difficult to get by without one.


There's not really anything that I wish I would have known before I came to this school. I think part of the experience has been learning things as I've been at the school.


How much to study for classes.


The amount of schoolwork.




I wish I had more information about scholarships and how loan alternatives.


nothing really


How secure in their way of doing things they are; their lack of desired expansion and growth in their mindset. How much intolerance there is for students who disagree with the administration.


the quarter system is totally different than the semester system!