Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The community is one of the best things at the SPU. Everyone is so welcoming and geniunely kind and it just gives you the sense of reassurance that you made the right decision.


The community.


The best thing about my school is the size. It is large enough that I am constantly meeting new people and yet feel that I know many people on campus. It is not so large that I feel lost, and it it not so small that I feel as if I know everyone.


I have always looked forward to college as the time when I was going to make really deep, lasting friendships, and that dream has definitely come true. SPU is extremely focused on community, and I love that. The importance placed on community is seen throughout campus, not just in residence halls. Faculty and staff are always available, and with smaller class sizes it is easier to develop friendships with professors. I believe that this community emphasis stems from the genuine care and concern that the individuals of Seattle Pacific University have for one another.


The community at Seattle Pacific University is excellent for every student who chooses to attend SPU. There is a place for everyone to belong. The dorm life and on campus activities are very fun and engaging and helps the school work seem more bearable.




Seattle Pacific University is a great christian school. The focuc is really directed towards God, and engaging the culture and changing the world. Its ver comforting knowing that i am earning a degree while growing spiritutally in my faith. I also really enjoy the class size, most classes are about 30 people, not very big at all. My professors actually know who i am and they are very personable. I feel like they truly care about me succeeding as a student and as a chirstian.


I love the personal attention I get from my school. College is a fast-paced and complicated place. It is very important for me to have reliable staff and faculty who can help guide me towards my goals, otherwise I feel lost. Seattle Pacific is always warning me about deadlines and instructing me about what is required of me to meet my goals. I feel that they are setting me up for sucess here.


Small class sizes and small overall school size makes the school ideal for having the ability to select your courses and getting the ones that you want most of the time. Plus they have an extremely good premedical program which will prepare those who want to pursue occupations in that field for med school.


I love how Seattle Pacific University is very welcoming and willing to help with anything needed. That is what I loved about attending a private High School, and that is what I missed when I attended Shoreline Community College. Many of the counselors are always there to talk to or to ask questions, they don’t just push you to the next available person in any department, they sit down and help you with what you need and actually try to understand what it is that you need or what it is that you are going through.


The professors - without a doubt. They truly care about the students and it's a small enough university so that you can have one-on-one conversations with them.


The Christian aspect of the school is the best thing. Christianity is so important to me and i love that the professors incorporate biblical teaching into the majors. It alows me to apply my major to my passion, Jesus and His church. The professors are open and are always welcoming and ready to help you at moments notice.


The best thing about my school is the diversity in culture and religon. People at the school respect each other no matter what race or religon they are. Also the school professors and students don't try to change others views on religon. Instead everyone wants to hear what you believe and that makes me feel valued.


SPU is best for its well-focused and determined academic programs in the liberal arts. SPU instills in its students the meaning of hard academic work through constant studying, focus, and drive.


The best thing about my school is the strong sense of community upheld in all aspects of the campus that everyone is encouraged to feel comfortably a part of.


SPU has a sense of community that I would not change for any reason. Along with the community there are numerous things to do in the big city and never a short supply of friends to do activities with. We are there to get an education but the life experience is priceless and SPU is worth all of the money that is put into your future.


The best thing about SPU is its community. The community is very welcoming and strong, and as a freshman moving away from home, SPU really made it easy for transition. Each hall floor has their own traditions and emphasize bonding, which helps you make friends fast. If you are open, you really do form lifelong bonds. There is also a lot of extracurricular activities that you can get involved in (clubs, intramural sports, etc.) where you can meet people who have the same interests.


I think the best part about my school is the sense of community. Students make strong bonds fast in the dorms and during campus activityies. In addition, with the small class sizes Professors are able to get to know their students. This makes for a positive learning enviroment and amazing community.


No outrageous drinking or drug use. Students genuinely prefer to do other activities, social or otherwise.


Because SPU is a larger Private school (3,000 Undergrad students), and because it's located in Seattle, there are a lot of oppurtunities for fun, for coursework, and for work/internships.


I don't think I could find one thing about my school that is my favorite, but I will list some of the things I enjoy. I love all the people here, especially the girls on my floor; they are like family to me now. The teachers here are great. The classes are small so they always know your name, and they are very easy to talk to. Also, SPU is located about five minutes from downtown which is very nice. There's always something to do. The atmosphere is just great; I feel at home here.


Personally I consider the best aspect of Seattle Pacific to be the academic rigor. Even though it is a small private university it still offers many challenges as I feel myself being stretched academically every day. The class sizes and teacher to student ratio are low, opening up the possibility for more individual teaching from the professors. I believe this to be crucial at a university. Even though the "full college experience" extends much further than the classroom, we are all still here first and foremost to receive the best education possible. I believe that SPU can offer that experience.




Smaller class sizes, availability of teachers, and the Seattle area is great.


The best thing about SPU is the community. It is small enough where you feel like you know people, you are accepted and you do not feel like a small fish in a lake. On the other hand is it just big enough that it doesnt get old. There are new people to meet, countless extra curricular activities to get involved in and it is in Seattle...what more can one want? I like that it is a christian university as well, one that allows you to explore your faith but doesnt force it.


I think the best thing is the sense of community. My school really is a big family.


I am an SPU enthusiast! From the time I stepped foot on campus I felt welcomed into an encouraging, nurturing, and inspiring environment. The best thing about my school is the active community. Professors, faculty, staff, and students are all eager to engage in healthy relationships with one another. Events and activities are continually offered, allowing students to get involved and meet other people. I feel like people at SPU are genuinely interested in getting to know one another both in and outside the classroom. I am continually impressed at the quality of work this university is committed to.


The community is extraordinary. This comes from an emphasis on student programs, small classes, and resident hall living with tons of peer and professional support. I live, work, eat, play, and study with my best friends! The people here are so genuine and kind. If someone is struggling they're not afraid to speak up, if someone is celebrating we celebrate with them. I never would have expected the level of closeness I have had with my peers in just three years!


The best thing about my school is the intentional christian community because it encourages students to engage their faith with every aspect of their life, from their environmental choices to their future career aspirations.


I love that academics and faith go hand in hand at our school, everyone is very friendly and serves the community a lot!


I love that the campus is just perfect size and the students and professors are friendly because you feel like a part of a big family.


professors are considerate, interested, open-minded generally. sociology major is great. seattle has a great culture.


Hands down, it would be the community. At SPU, people care. They don't pretend to care because they want to manipulate you, and for the most part, they aren't fake. Instead, they truly want to know you for who you are, and the majority of students are Christians. This allows for a beautiful spiritual connection among students, as well as faculty and staff. SPU is a place to make connections that will last for life.


The values. They overall feel of the school is to mature individuals not only in their education but also as moral people. It's a very important aspect of college.


I consider the smaller class sizes to be the best trait about Seattle Pacific University because it allows for a more rewarding student to professor ratio. With that being said, students are able to excel in more classroom discussions and better academic help from the professor.


We are small, good class sizes, our faculty is amazing and willing on occasion for the betterment of the students to disagree with the administration.


My school offers the one aspect that most schools rarely offer: camaraderie among students, teachers, and alumni. This is the one reason that I feel most at home--rarely have I experienced such connection with anyone from my classes and felt really comfortable engaging in abstract discussions with my teachers and classmates alike.


I love the enclosed feeling of the campus. We are located just outside downtown Seattle, in the middle of a triangle of three diverse districts. We are our own community locked in behind ancient brick and giant oak trees, blocks away from an oceanside metropolis.


The community and the education, the dorms and the people, pretty much everything at SPU is amazing