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I'm an athlete. Sporting events aren't that well attend by the student body, except for other student athletes. If youre looking to come play here, you might not have the greatest fan base, but you will become super tight with all of the other athletes at the school. We've got our own little community, and know each other's lives inside and out, always there to party, play ball, and do school work together. The student body doesn't understand how hard we work our butts off to play a sports and keep our grades up, so some think we're stuck up, or better than everyone else becasue we might get to miss class or have priority class registration, but you'll make the greatest friends who are athletes.

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Studying Abroad is huge here. I'm only a freshman and I know several classmates who have already made plans to study abroad for the first semester next year. Others, like myself, hope to do so in the beginning of junior year. Likewise, there are a good number of exchange and international students here. The Residence Hall in which I live ("Xavier Global House") is one especially for these students and other students that are interested in or majoring in international studies.

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The students and faculty take environmental preservation very seriously at Seattle University, as evidenced by the electric cars driven around campus, the densely tree-lined walkways and serene water fountains.

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