Seattle University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe cultural diversity and opportunity for the future are what my school is best known for. My school has such a variety of students that are open to their diverse gender and sexual identity, race and ethnic backgrounds, and lifestyle choices. The great thing about Seattle Univeristy is that every student is so open to each other's background, where discrimination and bullying rarely exists. Also, with our successful and challenging course curriculum, I feel very fortunate to be presented with multiple opportunities with finding a future occupation, along with internships, connections, and opportunities in years to come.


Social justice


Seattle University's probably most well-known for its overall accepting community (prominently its activeness in LGBT awareness) and drive for becoming as economically friendly as possible. Being right at the center of Seattle, the college is known for being conviently placed at the heart of Seattlelite activity. Capitol Hill, where the college is technically located, is never absent of amusement and is a perfect area to bolster a student's social life.


Seattle University seems to be known for its diverse and accepting community. Seattly University is also known for its small class sizes and how much it focuses on each individual student to lead them to sucess.


Seattle Univeristy is known to have one of the finest cafeterias. Bon Appetit is the food corporation that provides our school with meals. We have one main cafeteria, where hot and tasty meals are sold as well as a bistro and 2 cafes around campus. Bon Appetit uses sustainable resources, is health conscious and the food is always freshly made. Snacks, Sandwiches and juices are all natural and chosen wisely by Bon Appetit.


Seattle University is best known for its focus on social justice and education of the whole person. I worked for many different organizations with many different constituencies through class requirements and recommendations and my own extra-curricular activities. I travelled to India with the Calcutta club and through fundraising with the club on campus, paid for nearly the entire trip. I was able to take a wide range of classes, within my major that provided multiple perspectives of not only my course of study, but the broader perspectives of working in an international setting.


For its commitment to social justice and interest in expanding diversity (through all perspectives) on campus.


Seattle University is best known for its mission of social justice, depth of concern for the community and how best to educate students to incorporate these ideas into their chosen areas of study.


Academics, small class sizes, moving to Div 1 Sports 2010, city life, arts and culture


It's academics, religious seminars, environmental friendly attitude


We are known for creating socially concious, globally aware people who have a broad knoweldge.

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