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Seattle University is unique in many diffrent ways. One thing I love is the fact that so many people care about your well being, professors are always there to help you and other administrators and staff are always willing to help. The student body is also great. The attmosphere of Seattle University is very accepting and diverse. This university is great place to center youself and find who you want to be with wonderful people at your side to help you.


Having never been to the campus before starting the first day, I found that my school is extremely environmentally friendly. There are compost and recycling bins located all over campus and smaller versions within each dorm room. The cafeteria also provides vegetarian and vegan options everyday and all the food is made fresh as you order, for the most part.


The campus is all of downtown Chicago. Also, it is interdisciplinary so you can explore many different mediums of art.


Seattle Universiy is a a Jesuit school but it is very open to all kinds of diversity. Though I applied to other Jesuit schools they were not in an urban setting like Seattle University and I feel like that has a lot to do with the level of tolerenace that my school expresses.


My school is very small compared to others, so the students get more time with their professors. The students get to be known on a more personal level and are given more of a personality than a number. Another unique characteristic is that it is a private Jesuit school, so the students are very active in community service and play a great role in social change to help those around us. The campus is also very small and beautiful, there is nature everywhere.


That it is in Seattle and is very liberal. Great resources for jobs and internships.


Seattle University is the most unique compared to the other schools because they are a non-profit Jesuit catholic school .


My school is a Jesuit university, so it relates religion into most of the classes that students take. The university focuses on making each student a better all-around person by establishing core values along with making each student take classes from each of the main academic programs. Everyone must take at least one math and science class, along with two theology and philosophy classes. Social science and fine art classes are also part of the core work that must be completed before students are allowed to get into their major's coursework.


its proximity to downtown, the quality of education is very high, there are lots of opportunities in the area for jobs, groceries, fun, etc.


The students and faculty take environmental preservation very seriously at Seattle University, as evidenced by the electric cars driven around campus, the densely tree-lined walkways and serene water fountains.


One of the most unique feature about Seattle University is that the professors know you by name. That may sound silly but when you are gone, they noticed that you are gone. This is a good feature because you build a relationship with your professor where your professor becomes comfortable enough to give you their home number. Professors at Seattle University takes the time to have lunch with students and carries a relationship outside of the student teacher roles.


I like the fact that it is in a big city but it is a small school. It is a good adjustment.


Small class sizes


There is a great balance between the school and the city. The school influences the city, but the city also has an impact on the school and they both respect each other. The President of the school is unbelievably caring and open to helping any student. All of the professors are easy to access.


Seattle University is the only school I applied to that had an explicit religious affiliation. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but now that I'm here, I feel that the surroundings have inspired me to dig more into my own spirituality.


It's located in the middle of Seattle. You can get any type of food within minutes.


The scholarship program is sorely lacking. Someone like myself, an excellent student, should be rewarded, especially when others are rewarded without real merit.


Come to Seattle U, it's a great school and you'll meet great people!


Seattle U is so easy to get around both physical and socially. You can truly be yourself and be respected for it. It's not a crazy party school, but the students know how to have fun, and it doesn't require binge drinking or heavy drugs. You will always have fun at Seattle University, as well as learn something new, but it usually won't come from your classes.


Seattle University is a good school, but because it is so small it can be difficult to break away from the High School metality. Everyone seems to know everyone.


Don't go here. I'm transferring to UW.


I am so blessed to be able to go to Seattle University. I have learned so much both in and outside of the classroom. I feel completely prepared and confident for life after college because of the well-rounded education I have earned at Seattle University.


I always suggest coming to seattle university if monye is not at all an issue. if you are trying to decide and another school gives you more then move on. But if seattle university appeals to you then i don't think you will regret it. Just be honest with yourself about the weather, if the rain bothers you keep moving. If the city seems super exciting, visit first. It's not paradise here, but it's also not hell. It can be fun depending upon the kind of person you are. If you are an independant type who likes to explore and make new discoveries then come on, this is the place for you. But if your less adventurous and more of a homebody, than it can be kinda lame. But Seattle U campus is gorgeous, and well-maintained. We have nice facilities and a typical campus. The magic of spring falls upon campus and it's totally different place than in the winter and fall. so if you really are thinking serious about SU visit in both the winter and the spring. You gotta get both seasons.


The location is great because we are walking distance from Capitol Hill (very artsy, colorful part of town), downtown, and the International District. There are tons of opportunities for volunteering and service.


There's a great hamburger place down Broadway called Dick's that's open until 2am and there's an ihop right across the street open 24/7, so you will not go hungry here! Also if the weather is what's stopping you, don't let it! Being from California, it's not that bad, I swear! It actually rains a whole lot less than in California. And we have a good public transportation so you can go almost anywhere in Seattle for about a dollar. And if you're worried about fraternities and soroities, then University of Washington is just a 20 minute bus ride away! And some cool things to do here are going to light shows, see old movies, go to improv, see concerts, and eat amazing food! And if you're not sold by that, there's a hookah bar right across the street!


Come to Seattle University! It's the best school in the area, hands down!


Easy to get drugs. The Only stipulation is you have to know who to ask. While some people may be naive and think it is a pretty straight edge campus by polls, or magazine reviews, dont think that because we dont have 70% of our student body drinking at a football game on Saturday that SU doesnt get down. One of the downsides to having a populace with some relatively afluent individuals, is that they can afford affluent individual problems. On any given day you can find Coke, Oxy, Vic, Weed, Shrooms, Acid, etc. If your in the right circles you'll know where to find it. If your not in those circles, be glad you dont have to deal with it. You wouldn't believe the amount of functional drug addcits you find at a small 4 year institution.


Studying Abroad is huge here. I'm only a freshman and I know several classmates who have already made plans to study abroad for the first semester next year. Others, like myself, hope to do so in the beginning of junior year. Likewise, there are a good number of exchange and international students here. The Residence Hall in which I live ("Xavier Global House") is one especially for these students and other students that are interested in or majoring in international studies.


I'm an athlete. Sporting events aren't that well attend by the student body, except for other student athletes. If youre looking to come play here, you might not have the greatest fan base, but you will become super tight with all of the other athletes at the school. We've got our own little community, and know each other's lives inside and out, always there to party, play ball, and do school work together. The student body doesn't understand how hard we work our butts off to play a sports and keep our grades up, so some think we're stuck up, or better than everyone else becasue we might get to miss class or have priority class registration, but you'll make the greatest friends who are athletes.


The school has been pissing me off for the last year by making sacrifices to build more buildings and get into Division I athletics. However, that probably means that the campus will be even nicer for people just starting school now.


I really like this school so far, but I have had my misshaps. I'll give the learning experience an A+, the administrators a B (I had housing issues last year that weren't handled well...), and the students a B+ to A-. Depending on the day of the month. Legit. Here there is oppertunity to be known by everyone on campus, but also to leave that behind for a day and get lost in the busy downtown. Plus, you're surrounded by great food all the time. And since you have to walk everywhere, the freshman 15 is pretty easy to avoid.


I love Seattle!


So many asians

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