Seattle University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Our class sizes are small, usually under 30 students. This allows students to build genuine relationships with professors and other students. This creates opportunities to form strong ties with classmates who are in the same career field and gives you the chance to ask for personal letters of recommendation for professors.


What I love most about Seattle University is not only is it environmentally conscious and politically sound, but it also has small class sizes. It allows students to interact closely with the teacher and other students, and succeed.


The food is amazing. There are six places on campus to get food and all the food is amazing. Also, the food service people are actually cool people too. Not to mention we have a kick-ass library.


The faculty and staff here at Seattle University is amazing. They are always willing to help you and truly enjoy their job. With a jesuit mission, a lot of the students here are open minded, and very friendly. As a private institution you really get to know your surroundings, professors, students, and the campus a lot more because of the small size.


I tell my friends that Seattle University offered me a great location to experience the city of Seattle, travel internationally, and have a wide variety of classes from which I could choose. Located within walking distance of downtown, Broadway, the International District, and a short bus ride from the University District, I could get almost anywhere in town in less than 30 minutes. I travelled to India and China through SU's study abroad program and the strong support the school gave to clubs focused on social justice. With many different classes to choose from, I finished on time.


The location is amazing, being in downtown Seattle opens up so many possibilites for young new students with a variety of interests. I was also given the opportunity to study abroad as a Freshman at Seattle U which is uncommon but was so rewarding. I found the staff to be helpful and supportive and it is an overall exciting and stimulating place to be.


It is an accredited University, online classes and the people have been very helpful in assisting me in my endeavor to continue my education.




I brag about class sizes. My biggest class is 27 people, and that is a very large class for my school. Also the fact that the course offerings are always interesting even if you cannot really get into the classes you necessarily want.


Small class sizes, interesting projects in classes.


There are very many goodlooking girls.


Small class sizes, professors who care about you and your success, urban campus environment, and the environmental awareness of the campus community


Seattle University is extremely prestigious university and its reputation as a academically-focused school is well earned.


Location, location, location! We're in one of Seattle's best neighborhoods and very close to downtown. Everything you would want to do in Seattle is very accessible.


Excellent class sizes and location. Great people, all friendly, loyal, driven and kind.


Academic focus, availability of internships and jobs, city-setting, amount of activities available


The small class sizes


When I tell my friends about Seattle University, I emphasize the benefits of small classes, professors, the diversity, and beautiful changing seasons that don't exist in Hawaii.

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