Seattle University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of study abroad


The parking is bad, it's in downtown Seattle and parking permits are very expensive per quarter.


I consider the weather and the diversity is the worst thing about the school. Seattle is known for being cloudy and always raining. It rains for more than half the year and the only time one can see the sun is when it is the summer time. Keep in mind, summertime is the only time when students are not even at the university because they are back home. Also the diversity was not as diverse as they say it was, which was a disappointment for me.


There is no meal plan. Students don't have food they can count on being there. I personally have to budget out my money to figure out how much I can spend on food, however, it is a good learning experience.


The lack of student involvement in athletics.


The girl to guy ratio is disappointing. There are MANY more girls thatn guys.


The price tag. Being a private university the school costs a pretty penny to attend, thankfully they give out quite a bit in financial aid each year. I am here primarily on scholarships and so is my roommate. From what I hear, a lot of kids are. Still, $38,000 is a pretty hefty tag to tote!


Seattle University does not have many flaws, but if I was to pick one it would be that it is a very expensive to attend. Not only is tuition expensive but housing, food, books, and activities are also very expensive. It can be hard to manage funds and save money to pay off loans when the daily cost of living is as high as it is.


The worst thing about Seattle University is the price of tution. The bill may deter students from actually attending; they may not be able to get as much financial aid as they would like. Although SU is generous in terms of academic scholarships and grants, it inevitably comes down to how much the students are able to pay for the quality education SU provides.


Currently our school is undergoing construction to recieve a new library and learning commons, it can be sometimes distracting and can interfere with sleeping if you are nearby it in the dorms. The construction is only taking place until Fall 2010




The cost. It did not seem to matter so much when I was there, but now paying for it is a huge burden when trying to begin my career. I wish I had been more aware of the resources available to me (career services, grants and scholarships I could have applied for) while I was a student. I also think in retrospect I would have taken my basic courses at community college to save money.


The worst thing is the internet. It can be slow at times becuase there are so many students on one network.


The worst thing about my school is the budget decisions. They have resulted in moving to division I athletics and cutting funding for many activities and departments. The number of classes offered in many departments is insufficient for all students to take required courses when they have to, or in a way that fits into their schedule. While most of the school doesn't care about sports the focus in budgetary and administrative concerns is wholly focused there.


It is often highly conservative and follows the letter of the Catholic Church regardless of the circumstances.


The core requirements, there seem to be some classes that they require that aren't very good or are important to me.


The overall lack of ambition combined with actual ability to be able to fulfill those goals


The administration building desperately needs to be redone.


It is in the prosses of shifting to NCAA D1, and the administration has lost focus on on the quality of acadmeics in an attempt to boost athletics.


The professors are sometimes eccentric and not always the most friendly. Some of them tend to have very little empathy for students.


increase in tuition over the last 4 years doesn't accurately reflect the university's improvement, it's unfair and ridiculous and it's happening for the wrong reasons


That it can feel ike high school because it is so small...too much gossip


Not as much social life


The worst thing is when the classes fill up before your registration date and you have to go into the office to get into the class.


It's definitely a school on the rise and in transition which is both good and bad. A lot of funds are being allocated to make the school bigger and promote it more (Division I sports, more construction) While this may detract from current fincances it's a great thing in the long run.

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