Seattle University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who takes themselves, their schoolwork, and their world and culture seriously.


I believe any student who loves having small classes that provide a community atmosphere. Also any environmentally friendly student and those who love giving back to the community.


In one word: Adaptable. SU is great with allowing students to wander around for a bit to find what they want and to figure out what they do not want. They also encourage students to dabble in every area of knowledge; art students are expected to also experiment with science classes and vice versa through the CORE classes. The great thing is that they don't expect for you to know what you want and who you are right away--they expect for you to truly find that out after getting the college experience.


Someone who is open minded, interested in social justice/improving the community, friendly, unique.... but really there's a niche for everyone.


Seattle University is a close campus, its like a community. Someone who wants to get involved with their school would deffinalty feel at home here. If you want a personal education instead of just a basic group lecture then this is the place for you. Because this is a jesuit university it focuses on critical thinking of not just religious things but every aspect of your education. This isnt a school for someone who wants to just go to class once or twice a week, you have to put effort into it but you will learn a lot doing that.


Seattle University is a very diverse school that welcomes all races, all religions, and all sexual orientations. I think everyone would feel welcomed at my school, but I think the experience would be most beneficial forpeople who are used to being singled out for being different and want to fit in and find people like themseleves. My school is strongly based in jesuit values and therefore expects students to be welcoming of others, volunteer in the community, have a positive outlook onlife. Lastly, envirnmental protection and being green is very important to my school so environmentalists would like my school.


An open minded person who is interested in learning about fields outside their own. A person who geniuniely believes in the importance of social justice, academic excellence, and being globally aware. Someone who is not afraid to question and be questioned


People that are open minded. Anyone can attend this university as long as they adhere to the rules and regulation. Are athletic, sociable, and intelligent.


This school is great for those who not only want a degree but who want to successed in their field. Its a Jesuite school, so its focused on helping the community and those in need.


Liberals, who are very in to volinteer options... Persons interested in NON SCIENCE majors. Soft science or hard, both are very week programs here!


Someone who is intense about their education, seeking a well rounded education that will land them a high quality job in the world. There are many challenges given to students which really make students want to learn. If you enjoy a close interraction with your professors and an engaging campus Seattle University is for you.


Serious, working hard people.


Students who attend this school should be sincerely interested in getting an education. They should not be expecting college life to be one big party.


if they want small class sizes and lots of help


A person that is willing to reach out and meet new friends as well as look into themselves to broaden the basis of knowledge on which to build their life.


Studenst who are career focused and want small class sizezs where they can get to know the profesors on a personal level.

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