Seattle University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I never could imagine a student that shouldn't attend Seattle University, simply because of our openness to each and every student. But, if there wasn't a student to attend here, I would think a student that came to this Univeristy for the sake of partying and escaping responsibilities. In reality, this school costs money and takes a lot of hard work to get admitted into here. If a student has such values as not working hard, little motivation, and living for the weekend, then they really don't deserve to waste a spot amongst such elite students.


The person who should not attend Seattle University are those who are not willing to keep an open mind and learn from their peers and professors. Seattle University's goal is to care about the student first, but also value the excellence when working with great teachers who are active scholars. A person who is not willing to challenge themselves throughout their academic year at Seattle University should not attend this school because that is one of their main goals for those who are attending at the University.


Honestly, anyone should attend. I would assume people that are not serious about their academic endeavors would be a hinderence to the community, but Seattle U is very open and accepting to a pleuthura of individuals.


You must have a strong idea of who you are before you go to SU. I think that it challenged me a lot personally to be here. There were many people who I could not relate to and who could not relate to me. I had to grow a lot and it was painful. It made me stronger. But I did think about leaving the school. But because I had a strong foundation, I knew why I went to school-I stayed and finished.


A person not interested in Service Learning or Community Service should not attend this school. This school is designed towards building service and justice within the community.


A person who is not open to a diverse student population should not attend Seattle University. Seattle University prides itself on having students from many cultural backgrounds and they embrace these differences and incorporate them into all aspects of the university. Students who also do not like urban areas should not attend Seattle University which is right outside downtown Seattle.


A person who enjoys the rain, likes a small campus and small classes and is a vegitarian.


This school is really diversity-oriented, so someone who is open to discussing practical problems facing the world and our generation would like it. Although it's a Jesuit university you don't have to be Catholic to attend and there is no religion that is strictly inforced, although at times prayer is said, so if that element makes someone uncomfortable than I wouldn't recommend the school. SU is situated on the edge of downtown Seattle as well so it's a very central point in the city. A small campus, with a lot of possibilities.


People who want don't want attendence to be mandatory and also who need more emphasis on their majors


Someone who will take advantage of our urban location. We get great guest speakers on and off campus. We offer awesome internships with local companies (Starbucks, Boeing, and many more). There is so much to see and do off of campus, it is great for leaning opportunities and for fun. We really aren't a big party school but the parties are out there if you look for them. We are not an athletic school either, someone who is more academically inclined, liberal, and laid back would fit in best.


One that is willing to work and be involved in every aspect of their school.


Someone who would attend this school is middle class, artsy, enthusiastic, and usually local.


Competitive types. Research-oriented.


Someone who is close minded to diversity or won't allow others to be who they are. If they can't accept being different or if they can't find more similarities in people then differences.


anyone who wants the big football games, the big parties and all that comes with that academic atmosphere


Someone who is not academically focused or who wants a big-school, spirit, sports, and frats.

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