Seattle University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known there were so many hills to walk up to get to places on campus.


I wish I knew the exact cost of attendance. While Seattle University is an absolutely wondeful campus, the tuition was a bit more than I was expecting (as it is a private college). The college does attempt to give out financial aid but it still seems a bit too much for me and my parents to handle.


Watch out for the requirements of the degree you want! For example, you have no gaurantee for getting into the Nursing department unless you sign-up in the Fall quarter of your Freshmen year--but only if they accept your application at the time you apply for the university itself. You can, of course, take the prerequisites, but if your entry is rejected, very little of your credits will transfer into another degree. The key is to BE aware and STAY aware.


It is not the regular college experience you will get by going to a state school.


Other outlets for scholarship money would have been nice to know about.


I wished I would have realized the study abroad programs are limited. Also all the core classes don't leave students room to pursue interests outside their major.


I wish I knew about all the free or discounted events. There are so many things to do at SU. There are so many experiences that are at one's finger tips. Shows, concerts, and plays were always discounted for students. I loved that.


The first year of college is easy and managable, over load while you can to get core out of the way. Keeping busy your freshman year will allow you more freedom and more possibilities as an upper classmen.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known that the Campion bathrooms are THE WORST.


How helpful the people would be, I would have investigated this school years ago!


I'm from a smaller town compared to Seattle (the city I'm from is over 200,000 people but doesn't compare to Seattle at all), so the big city element was a little dunting and scary at the beginning. I wish I would have fully known the policy about automobiles on campus for freshman and sophomores, seeing as how those two groups usually aren't granted parking permits due to limited space.


I wish I had known how challenging the classes would be compared to high school. Also, I wish I had known how to manage my time in a more organized way, especially being an athlete.


I wish I had been more prepared for the living aspect of college. I walk everywhere and don't have a car, have to get my own groceries and be responsible for my study time. I wish I had known how to deal with professors. I wish I had had a better high school education.


That it is dangerous in the areas outside of campus.


It is very small and everyone knows everyone.


I wish I knew how little the population of single straight guys there were!


The cost of attendance including the books.


I wish I'd known that the quarter system sucks big time.

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