Seminole State College of Florida Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Overall friendly people and easy to get along with.


Most people keep to themeselves.


Mostly older, getting a degree for the first time.


In general: the Honors students are very outgoing and fun-loving. The art students are also friendly. The students in my 'ordinary' classes are often quiet, but several of them are friendly and chatty.


My peers at Seminole Community College represent the plethora of unique ideas that engage your mind to desire to learn and grow.


My classmates are made up of all different backgrounds and ages. I have some classes with students about my age and others with students older then me. Seminole state doesnt deny anyone and that is a really great thing because the ones who are attending are the ones who are really trying to get an education and not just going to college to party.


My classmates a Seminole State College are everyday people whom are looking for the next level of education for the job world.


Some of them are out going and others quiet, but respectful.


My classmates are diverse, friendly, and helpful.


My classmates are trying to be successful in life just like I am.


The classmates at this school are just about the same as any other school. There is a diverse group of people attending the school and everyone has the same objective, getting a higher education to better themselves. Everyone is either trying to be a role model for someone else or trying to accomplish a goal that they have set for themselves. You can relate a lot to your fellow classmates.


There is definitely a diverse population of students, ranging in ethnicity, social class, education levels, etc.


My classmate are different ages and from all walks of life which makes learning more interesting.


Right now I am taking a class online so my classmates are pretty much just screen names to me. However, I can see their determination to succeed in a different learning environment. Some of them have returned to college after many years and that shows their dedication to receiving an education, no matter how much time has passed and how old they may be. I see that they are just like me, struggling to receive a degree to begin my career and my life. They are just regular people working toward the American dream, hoping for success.


Most of the students at SCC are friendly. I'd say about half are 18-25, and the rest are people returning to school or working full-time and going to school.


My classmates vary in age and race.


I don't generally speak to my classmates because I like to concentrate on the educational aspects of the institution rather than the social.