Seminole State College of Florida Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We always have event going on in the afternoon on the lawn.


The health care programs


Small community college that provides decent education and direct transfer to University of Central Florida after AA degree


My school is best known for it's great staff, friendly campus and their business majors. More importantly, they're mostly known for their Direct Connect Program; which is where if you go to Seminole for two years you can automatically be accepted into UCF.


As far as I know, our Criminal Justice Program and our Automotive Technology Programs are very well known.


Seminole State College is best known for its constant campus improvements. They do whatever they can to make the school a better place.


a better start after high school


Seminole Community College is best known for it's recently changed name from Seminole Community College to Seminole State College to reflect it first bachelor's degree program in Interior Design. It also specializes in career certificates, adult education, workplace training, continuing professional education, and community, leisure and youth programs.


The teachers at SCC are some of the best I have encountered, and I have attended multiple schools. One of the things that SCC has become known for is their excellent nursing program. Their graduates are contenders for nursing positions right alongside Florida Hospital nursing school graduates.