Seminole State College of Florida Top Questions

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The have small classes and campuses which gives is more of a friendly feel.


Seminole state college is unique because it offers 4 different campus's that you can take your classes at. It has such a wide variety of classes aswell. You can also choose basically anytime to take classes from 8am-7pm from monday through saturdays which is really helpful for those who work. Also they offer almost all the classes online aswell for those with such a busy schedule.


My school focuses on meeting the education requirements of the region where I live, this localization allowes some students if desperate for a class to consider driving a little further across town to take a class they might desperately need. The campuses are located somewhat strategically to serve a rather large population and they also boast the most notable undergraduate research program of any college in the state. The faculty is working to enhance the credibility of the school and its students, they are extremely compassionate and have granted me the opportunity to work in a biotechnology research lab.


My school is convenient to drive to and is affordable for my family.


smaller classrooms, teachers open to talk and discuss out of class, free tutoring on campus


Seminole Community College was a easy choice for me. I live no more than 5 miles from the Sanford/Lakemary campus. I had visited the campus before on other school activities and it seemed convient. I also liked how it was economical. I have saved a lot of money by going to Seminole Community College rather than a 4 year school. I also love the class sizes. Unlike a University which might have 300 students in one classroom, Seminole Community College only had about 30-35 students in each class. Overall Seminole Community College was the right choice for me.


Each wednesday they have events on campus.


Its very affordable close to home, and I love the student to teacher ratio.


I am attending Seminole State College of Florida to get my associates degree, and then I plan on attending the University of Florida. Seminole State College is unique because it is close to home, and it allows me to get an affordable AA.