Seminole State College of Florida Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


you really enjoy going to seminole.


As a previously dual-enrolled student, I'll earn my A.A. after paying for only two semesters.


There are quality teachers and small class sizes compared to the big universities. Even though Seminole State College was recently a community college, it has now become a 4 year school. Thus, a 4 year degree can be obtained much cheaper than at a large university.


I Brag about how small the classes are and how close the students are with the professors. We all get an equal chance to ask questions in class and the professors always answer the question as best they can.


I brag about how my teachers are so excellent in what they do. The actually care about your progress in the classes.


What I brag about most while attending Seminole Community College is how much I enjoy having the teachers I've gotten, past and present, and how willing they are to help you with your future and goals.


I brag about my art teachers. They're so kind and spunky, and they're always willing to help me. They bring their entire lives to the classroom, and it makes learning so much more real for me and my classmates.


The atmosphere. Everyone is caring and wants you to succeed, and there is always something going on. There is always a way for a person to get involved and people are there to help you every step of the way.


The classes are small and the teachers are fantastic. Everyone is willing to offer help and point you in the right direction when you get lost or confused by the whole experiance.


There are a lot of really skilled professors at SCC that make the classes fun. I like the small class sizes because you can get to know your teacher; you aren't just a number in a course. Also, there's some pretty cute girls there.