Seminole State College of Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student that is looking for an affordable college with various carreer fields.


The person that should attend this school is somehow who wants to make a future for themselves without breaking the bank.


If you are a student that not only cares about succeeding in life, but also making close bonds with professors and fellow students then this small school is the perfect place to recieve an education. Any student who likes to participate in classroom discussions, hallway discussions, or in group activities would LOVE Seminole.


Anyone willing to learn and have fun doing it.


The type of person that should attend Seminole Community College is the type of person who is trying to get a college education at a cheaper price than a university and also the type of person who is still living at home trying to save money for the future.


A person who has self confidence in becoming successful in their career that they select. Its important to get a good foundation in what you want to aspire to become in the future and this is the opportunity the school provides.


A student deciated to prominence is a must in attending this school. Learning is only the first part, but learning to adapt to fellow students is a plus. This school craves a person who eludes school spirit and confidence towards a final goal.


Any type of person can attend this school. Whether you have no sense of direction yet or you know exactly what you want, Seminole State is the most affordable and effective institute of education.


Someone who is still discovering what they want to be. Or a student that doesn't want to be at huge University but wants a quality education.


In my own opinion i do not think that there is a certain type of person that should attend Seminole State College. I believe that as long as someone is willing to go through the pain and stress to get the homeworks done, study for the tests , the finals , they are entittle to attend Seminole State College. Seminole State College encourage his students to work and study hard, get good grades, keep a high GPA, volunteer in the school activities, get involve in the school activities. Furthermore, I believe that Seminole States college prepare the students to obstacles of tomorrow.


If a person needs one-on-one attention and professors that remember their name then Seminole State is a perfect fit. People who don't care for the frat parties, sports games, and large crowds that universities bring would enjoy it too. The accelerated degree programs and certifications help those who don't care for the college scene either. Seminole State customizes itself for the general interest of the majority of its students. People who are in financial straights might still be able to afford it.


Any person can attend this school. Just they need to have in mind that they have to study hard. The school offers a lot of opportunities for any person. If you want to come and study at SCC just como tu STUDY not to party.