Seminole State College of Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school is a community college with 4 campuses around centeral Florida. I would never not reconmend any certain person to not attend this school. Any age or gender with the will to exceed and want more in life could attend this school.


A person who is not interested in school or learning


I believe a recent high school grad who is extremely outgoing and who is interested in a career path that isn't offered at this school should attend a larger school with the correct major selection.


If you are not a dedicated, hard working student who likes to speak up and participate in student disccussion and activities then Seminole is not the place for you. At this school there is room for imagination and growth whether you are walking down the halls or in a classroom, everyone at the school encourages you to speak your mind and be completely open.


The only kind of person I feel should not attend this school, would be the person who has no intentions of doing any work and excelling in their daily tasks. If you are not going to school to better yourself , you should stay away. Other than that i feel that everyone should attend this school. The staff really does strive to help you accomplish your goals and that is just what everyone needs.


I believe that Seminole Community College is made for almost everyone. If you plan on trying to futher your education, then Seminole Community College is excellent. The only reason i would tell someone not to go to Seminole Community Collge is if they didn't want to futher their education. If Someone doesn't want to get a degree then they shouldn't waste their money and their time.