Seton Hall University Top Questions

Describe how Seton Hall University looks to someone who's never seen it.


A small school with a decent social life, nice campus, and a great academic environment.


Seton Hall is very friendly and community based.


Seton Hall University is a highly prestigious, private catholic university which incorporates nothing but kind and intelligent students, staff and the community as a whole. The main mission of the University is to stress the importance of higher education through Catholicism and the value of faith. Although SHU is a Catholic university, it does not pressure non-catholics into practicing that faith, which is why there's a broad range of diverse religions; from Judaism, to Christianity. Going to SHU not only brings together students from all different backgrounds, but it also gives the value of a good education.


Seton Hall University is a small, friendly campus where students can get a good education and have many oppertunities to get involved.


Friendly, warm, home-like enviroment full of people encouraging your sucess.


SHU is a pretty small school. There is a green in the middle of campus with the majority of the dorms and class buildings surrounding it. The gym is huge and the parking deck is about 4 or 5 stories even though parking completely sucks.


Unassumingly simplistic in many ways though offers individual amusement if one searches for it.


The school campus is really nice. Its relatively small so it is very easy to get around and to your classes. Located in the middle of campus is the green. It is a big area of grass that the students love to hang out on. There are benches and people just lay out in the grass. The architecture of a lot of the buildings are very nice as well.


This school is an excellent with a great nursing program.


Seton Hall is a melting pot, where students with all types of backgrounds and interests come to live together and learn together for four great years.