Seton Hall University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are not only my friends, but are supportive and always giving great advice to never give up and that nothing comes easy and they help keep my head up when school becomes stressful.


Not bad.


My classmates are diverse, opinionated, enthusiastic, bright, intelligent, ready to support and be friends with others ; they challenge me to be the very best student, servant, and citizen that I can be.


The student body is very ethnically diverse, and students come from a variety of financial backgrounds, thanks to the school's generosity with scholarships (both merit and need-based). Seton Hall is a Catholic University, and almost all students are Christian to some degree, but you will not necessarily feel out of place if you don't share their faith. Despite the diversity, there is visible ethnic segregation on campus in terms of friend groups.


The student body is very ethnically diverse, and students come from a variety of financial backgrounds, thanks to the school's generosity with scholarships (both merit and need-based). Seton Hall is a Catholic University, and almost all students are Christian to some degree, but you will not necessarily feel out of place if you don't share their faith. Despite the diversity, there is visible ethnic segregation on campus in terms of friend groups. For the most part students are not knowledge-hungry, and are there with the mindset that they need to suffer through to get their degree, graduate, and get a job.


Seton Hall is very diverse. There are a good portion of commuters and many of the people are from Jersey, but you can be assured that if you go to Seton Hall you will meet people from environments that are very different from your own.


There are so many students on campus that it is hard to even figure out where to begin. Even though Seton Hall University is a private catholic university, there are still a wide variety of students who attend from all different walks of life. There are quite a few different religious groups welcomed on campus, among which are Muslims, Jews and Hindi's to name a few. There are even atheists who find a home at SHU! Even though SHU is a private catholic university the campus itself is very welcoming to all kinds of people. For example, there is a club on campus to promote the LGBT movement, called Allies. SHU offers a place for students to learn about other culture, explore your own, and discover new possibilities and truths about oneself through interaction between the different groups who attend the university.


Different types of students do not interact with each others, there is a lot of cliques, especially with the frats and sororities.


Everyone is really welcoming of various beliefs on campus. There are a lot of different religions such as various Christian denominations, Muslim, Hindu, and obviously Roman Catholic (mostly Catholic). There is an LGBT group on campus. There are a TON of ethnicities too such as Filipino (the president is Filipino), Indian, Jordanian, Chinese, African American, Russian, etc. In the lunch room, there are three groups: 1) all the varsity sports kids, especially the Basketball team, not so much everyon else, 2) the Honors Program, and 3) everyone else. No one is really money or materialistic oriented. they are very down to earth and friendly but still very competitive.


The student community at Seton Hall is extremely diverse. There is not one specific type of student that dominates another. It is a very laid back campus and most of the students are from New Jersey.




We are a very diverse school. We have student from all walk of life and I have never seen a study body so welcoming. Our Students here also has a great understanding of what is going on in the world and will discuss it with their friends (even when they are not in class) Every student also has a place in the school. We are not a school that students prefer and everyone is a welcomed member.


My experiences on campus in regards to other students and diversity have been amazing. Before coming to Seton Hall I was not exposed to much diversity besides that of my own ethnicity. I am grateful that I have been able to share with those outside of my culture and beliefs. On campus there are all types of cultures so no matter what background one is from they will feel right at home. In regards to politics, most students seem to be aware to what is going on domestically and internationally and are also active at events that raise political awareness. It would seem that most students are in the center of the political spectrum. Recently, there has even been a group that has been following the Occupy Wall Street movement and has been hosting discussions about the situation and the actions that they can take. This type of interest in politics is one that can inspire many and, as history shows, is the root to positive change.


I have never met so many different people in such a confined space. There are the jocks, stoners, sorority girls, frat stars, and everything else imaginable in between. Many times everyone gets along, but if there's a problem, it either gets addressed or the groups do not interact. This sort of thing usually happens between fraternities and athletic teams though. In the cafeteria, it is pretty obvious about the segregation between cliques since everyone basically has a designated area. Most students dress to impress for the first few weeks of class. After that, students are mainly seen wearing sweats and hoodies. Uggs are prevalent on campus and guys are always in athletic shoes. Unless someone is going to an interview or presenting a project, no one really dresses up. Politically, the campus is very neutral. As a Catholic University, there is no discussion of safe sex or LGBT groups but there are student alliances which try and address these problems without getting in trouble with the school. There is not one political choice for the students, seeing that almost everyone comes from a different area and background, but the school is predominantly conservative in any debate that it faces.


One thing I can say about the students here at Seton Hall is they are diverse. There is a wide variety of people from different ethnicity and race, country of origin, regions of the U,S, Although this is a private Catholic institution there students of many religions and beliefs. The community here at Seton Hall is very accepting and tolerant. There are people from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, not everyone owns a yacht and not everyone vacations at the hamptons. Since Seton Hall is so close to NYC it attracts a melting pot of students who collaborate to create the amazing, diverse, wonderful school that is Seton Hall.


Very welcoming and willing to help.


With the small class size you qickly get to know your classmates. Everyone is very helpful towards one another and will to for study groups and help each other out.


Seton Hall is very diverse. People mesh well.


My classmates are all friendly, close and helpful.


My class mates tend to be very quite and active in class dissusscions.


The campus is very casual, most students wear jeans or sweats to class. The culture is very accepting, we're one of the most diverse campuses in the country attracting people from all over the US and throughout the world.


All I have to say is we have a very diverse campus with all 50 states represented and 0ver 60 different countries. Even though we are a Catholic school it does not interfere with other religious groups. The university allows students the option of attending mass. In a nutshell, you can go through Seton Hall and never once participate in a religious event and nothing will be taken away from your experience as a student.


Seton Hall is a catholic university so the over all feel of the campus is of active, moral students who care about the University and the community. But are student body comes from almost all 50 states and numerous countries. There are clubs and organizations on campus for just about everything and they're easy to start if you want to make a new one. We're all active in at least one club and intramurals are very popular. School spirit wavers at time but we're division 1 big east so we've got plenty of games to go to and sports to cheer on.


Some of them are very loud when they drink.


Respectful of each other. If you needs help they are willing to give offer, and all friendly and understanding of each other.


Some are nice som are not.


Very diverse, sometimes kept to themselves, however can be friendly once you get to know them


so much fun!


The people on this campus tend to be very friendly.


Conservative, also goal driven. somewhat unhelpful.


For the most part my classmates are upper middle class caucasians.


Diverse crowd, some more friendly than others.


They are fun, intellectually stimulating individuals


Seton Hall's student body is not that diverse. Its a predominately white school which does not bother me at all. All my life I have been in a diverse environment so this is a change but I think it is a nice experience as well because it gave me the ability to experience something different. I have experienced racial situations here but I look at it as preparation because things like that do exist in the real world. I have made some wonderful friends here though and learned a lot of new things from them as well so I actually have no complaints about the students besides the few who ruin things for others which every school has. I find that a lot of the students are from Jersey. I come from a military background so I have always been around people from different areas but I think my high school had more out of state students than my college does. Its also easier for them to get around because they live close and have cars and stuff and can go home on the weekends.


Seton hall is very diverse in religions, and cultures