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The basketball team is a big part of the school. The school colors are appearent everywhere and they dont really push school spirit because everyone has it. Coming here, mostly everyone is proud to be able to get in to a great school so as to have better futures. Even though it is pricey, I am striving to come out of school a winner, just like everyone else with a dream here.


The location of my school. It is approximately 10 miles from the beach.


Didn't consider other schools. Too expensive.


Even though people might complain about bad stuff that happens at SHU once and a while, I wouldn't have changed my experience for anything. I have learned so much both academically and personally and I loved everything about it.


Seton Hall is a great school because you get to exprience a little bit of everyhting while focusing on your college career. Seton Hall is a Roman Catholic school that has every hope on you succeeed in this school . They have 24/7 educators who are able and willing to help you when help is needed. I love this school & i would recommended it to anyone!


My school is unique because it is very small and therefore you get the attention that you require in the classroom and you develop relationships with your proffessors which creates not only a comfortable learning enviroment but offers you the help you may require.


The nursing and diplomacy majors are extremely competitive. It is also very convenient for people in ROTC because they do physical training, classes, and labs at the Seton Hall campus. There is diversity in ethnic backgrounds as well.


I had what I was told was a full four-year academic scholarship when I was recruited. I didn't find out about all the loopholes and exceptions until after I was enrolled.


I really like how there are many different buildings on campus for each major. It may seem like a small school, but there are so many buildings that it feels like you are in your own little world. We take a lot of pride in our basketball team along with the other sports offered here. We have small classes and it really help grab the attention of the student. I also loved how the Nursing program was highly exalted. SHU prides themselves of having a great Nrursing program so that is what helped me choose SHU over the other schools.


Seton Hall is within walking distance to the train station and only a short train ride away from New York City. Which makes it ideal for a day trip with friends. Seton Hall is also a relatively smaller school, so you easily get to know the professors and other students in your classes. Almost all of the teachers are willing to help you reach your potential.


great school hard work


My school offers the specific major that I want which is Diplomacy and International Relations.


Nothing is unique. I was accepted into all the schools I applied to, I should have never chosen this one.


They brought in excellent guest lecturers.


I like the caf food. It isn't the best of course, but there is usually a lot of variety and healthy choices. There are also unhealthy choices if you want to go that route as well. If you do start getting a little sick of the food on campus there tons of little restaurants in the South Orange Village that are great and work well with the students and their wallets.


One unique aspect of Setotn Hall University is its proximity to New York City as well as its diversity. This school has a terrific business program and the career developement center is very helpful in placing people with jobs and internships based on your specific major.


WSOU, the student run college radio station, has been nationally featured in surveys, including being name one of the best radio stations in the country by Rolling Stone magazine. It is a very well established and esteemed radio station, not just on the college market, but within the general music industry.


The beautiful park-like campus is located near the center of an idyllic suburban town, twenty minutes from New York City by train.


The class sizes and well kept university are some of the unique qualities of my school. They also really help students get aquianted with companies with good relations with the university.


Its a small campus, that is catholic, but open to all kinds of religion. Everyone knows each other, personally or just by face.


The attention students get with acedemic advisement.


i really like how everyone is close-knit. everyone is nice to one another


Seton Hall University is known as the oldest and largest Catholic University in New Jersey. The school is located near by NYC. (A train station is 15 minutes away from the school) SHU is unique compared to other colleges. We have study abroad program. Many students com from Korea, China and Japan come to Seton Hall University as exchange students. Our security is very intense compare to other colleges. College of Nursing at SHU educates 1/3 of NJ nurses, and most NJ hospital nursing staffs are graduates from SHU.


The small campus size means that you know most of the community in and around the area


I love the school because it is a school that will rememeber you and not just count you as a number.........GOOOOO PIRATESSSSSSS