Seton Hall University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I've never heard any stereotype about students at SHU. Everyone has a place and and it's easy to find a great group of friends.


Not all. For the most part students are usually down to earth that I have noticed. Of course your going to run into some spoiled brats but that is life. Not everyone is Catholic that is for sure. Majority of people are Catholic but do not think that everyone is. I have sereval friends who are Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu.


None of these stereotypes are true


This University is definitely not a Suitcase School. As an out of state student, I always find things to do during the weekends, whether it is with my Fraternity doing service projects or fellowships, always socializing with friends in the village of South Orange or New York, or participating in an event planned by our Student Activities Board (Balls/dances).


Yea, I mean you will the the typical "Jersey Girl" or "Guido" roaming around campus and the whole "diplo dork" thing is pretty accurate. We're diplo students who enjoy discussing what we're learning and we are all dorks to some extent. So I'd say they are accurate but not all students or even the majority of our students fall into a stereotype.


People do get mugged although rarely. But some of it is plain student stupidity like walking around with a wallet full of cash while singing along to alicia keys with your shiny new IPOD while you're totally oblivious that you've been walking in the dark for 2 minutes and that your IPOD is like moths to a flame. While I would agree that the Stillman School of Business places the utmost importance on intergrity and professionalism, I believe we are categorized as such due to the "in your face" branding of "Stillman Students." However, despite the large modern building and the private funding from prominent business alumni, we are your run-of-the mill student, with the exception that business credits actually costs more than general university credits. It is an amazing school that develops well rounded people who enter every industry worldwide.




No they are not right at all there is a huge diversity in Seton Hall. People come from all over and make it a truly diverse school.