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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

Stuck-up, high class young adults.

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Seton Hall University encompasses student demographics from all backgrounds. Coming from over 50 states and territories, and 54 foreign countries. The student diversity, plus the university community bonds at large allow for wide spectrum of academic and social interactions. In Seton Hall University, students are able to freely participate in sports through intramural events, and the university's sports teams. Engage in Greek Life through the different fraternity and sorority chapters, as well as honor societies. Making Seton Hall University a suitable environment for both academic and social development.

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I have not noticed a sterotype of students at Seton Hall. Everyone has their own place. There are so many clubs and organizations that are available to join that are geared toward different interests. When coming to Seton Hall, students are guaranteed to find a group that they like and a place to fit in.

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