Seton Hall University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When my friends and family ask me what I like most about Seton Hall University I reply without hesitation: everything! One thing that stands out are the professors. They are true professionals in their field of expertise and offer a one-on-one approach to teaching. The second is the community, from the alumni to the security personal and everything in between. They do everything to the best of the capabilities to make the students and visitors feel welcomed. The main thing I brag about are my new friends; in my time of desolation they made me feel at home.


The one thing that I brag most about to my friends about my school is that there are always people to make friends with and do fun activities with at any given time. I transferred to Seton Hall Univeristy with a fear that I was not going to have as many friends like I did at my other school; however, I presented myself as the bubbly and outgoing person I always thought myself to be and made friends with those who joined me in the making of hilarious and meaningful memories.


The fact that I have some of the most amazing professors, who are always available when I need the help. How much the school helped me when my first choice for college fell through and I was able to enroll at Seton Hall only a few days before the semester started, that is something I will never forget. I truly appreciate the education I recieve and its comforting to know I am supported by those around me.


Friendly students, welcoming vibe, and the many clubs to join.


I usually talk about our science labs, sport teams, surrounding area and the friendliness of the students that go here.


The business program and the job opportunities after graduation.


The people, the basketball team, the campus, the education, the oppurtunities


I always most definitely brag about the food and the campus life of my school. Since I live on campus and most of my friends commute, I have hands on experience of residence life. My friends always gets jealous when I tell them about the all you can eat buffet. Also the fact that my school always gives you something to do on campus, they throw really great parties for the students, and there are so many clubs to join it's unbelievable! I always find myself bragging about school, so much my friends ate when I talk about it.


They are very concerned about your education, giving you many options for tutors and help from teachers. Also, it is a friendly environment.




That it is really close to New York City which is an amazing place to visit. I like to tell about how, while there are a lot of rude, inconsiterate people there, there are a lot of friendly people too. It is a great basketball school and going to the games are so much fun you wont ever want to miss one.


Its proximity to NYC.


I tell them about the rate at which students receive jobs upon graduation or attend a Master or Professional Degree program.


My friends are understanding and good hearted, also they share a lot of interests with myself.


I tell them about how after I graduated high school, I thought I would never find friends that were like sisters or teachers that were like family, but Seton Hall proved me wrong.


decent cafe, good housing


How beautiful and intimate the campus is and how helpful all the students are its very interesting to me how the people on campus have a very nice community built