Seton Hall University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The location because it is on the out skirts of Newark and walking outside of campus at night could be dangerous.


The fact that is sometimes does not feel like a "real college." This is probably just the result of it being a community college, and one in the town I grew up in.


The one thing that I consider the worst aspect about my school is the parking. It is horrendous in the morning and the nightmare of trying to find a spot continues into early afternoon. Don't get me wrong...Seton Hall is putting good use of the money it is receiving from the students' tutions to good use with the making of new parking lots and other projects, but most of the time it gets to a person when he/she has to park on the side of the street with his/her classes on the other side of campus.


Cost of tuition and amount of students here.


The cafeteria. Lunch and dinner are the same menu. There is no healthy choice option. It's french fries, burgers, and pasta on a regular basis. They have a Wok station, but it does not compare to the real thing. I want to see more options, such as a Mediterranian station, better salad options, and more fruit available. I doubt that the dishes are washed properly; one time my fork had orange mush on it. The school prides itself on being "a home for the mind, body, and spirit". With the food options, it is detrimental to the body.


The food. If you go on a tour, they praise the cafeteria and the options available. It's even raked as one of the best cafeterias. But I find that it's the same food choices everyday, with limited options. Yes we have a Wok-It-Up station and a Tex-Mex, but if you are in a rush and don't have time to make your own food, it's unhealthy and bland. They also serve too mich meat, not enough fish and it's the same menu for lunch and dinner. I'd lkie to see better food.


Seton Hall University is an excellent school to attend, but it is by far perfect. The staff, faculty and students are all welcoming and the education that the students receive is distributed by highly intelligent specialists in their fields, but the area which the school is located is the worst thing about the school. SHU is right in the middle of a bad neighborhood but there are special transportation services available, so that nobody has to walk anywhere off campus. Although the location itself is not good, SHU still came up with a solution with the transportation services.


The worst thing would be the tuition and amount of money books cost.


The worst aspect about Seton Hall University is its location. While it's only a 35 minute train ride into New York City, it costs $13.50 roundtrip. This dissuages most students from visiting the city, who instead opt for staying within South Orange. While SO is quite the picturesque town, the criminal violence in neighboring Newark has started to seep into SO. Students usually get an email alert every month, which describes the usual gunpoint theft and violence students experience. Students are thus left stranded within campus walls after dark and usually end up having uneventful nights.


Clicks seem to form between greeks, jocs and others at times.


That it is in a quiet non-college town. I wish the town and residents were more college friendly.


The price of tuition because it is nearly not affordable and I do not feel they offer enough financial aid.


The worst thing about Seton Hall University is that lack of school spirit and devotion by its students. The school is very much a commuter school and by this I mean that most students attend for academic purposes only, so when the weekend arrives they all go home (typically somewhere in New Jersey) about their business. For someone like myself who comes to New Jersey from Baltimore, Maryland, it is unfortunate to be on a generally vacant campus from week to week.


The worse thing about my school is the way they organized the schedule for Biology majors or students tracking Biology. I feel that they cram together the classes during your freshman year, making you take Calculus, Biology, and Chemistry all in one semester along with one or two other classes.


The worst thing about Seton Hall is how small it is. There isn't much diversity and people here usually have similar beliefs and friends. It is a very close knit community where almost everyone knows everyone which could be a good and bad thing.


the worst thing about my school is that the school is very expensive, after Graduation student have a lot of money they owe.


I think the worst thing about my school is the fact that cost of attendance went up 5% this year. I think that's unfair to students, especially during this economic upheaval.


The campus lacked a social life completely. The academicas were not nearly challenging enough, or challenging at all.


The worst thing is the financial aid office and the cost of attending Seton Hall. The school is quite expensive, so funds are to come by and yet the people in financial aid are not all that helpful.


In the dormitories, some of the students break rules and do alcohol and drugs and make the rest of us students look bad.


The "higher-ups" are VERY Catholic and conservative, focusing more on pleasing donors than students. The strongest programs receive a lot of attention (diplomacy, business, basketball) taking away from other programs (the arts). At orientation, the diplomacy students are told they are of a higher caste and will have dominion over the world, causing panic when political office is not included in their diploma package. Professors are hit or miss in terms of their desire to help students, ranging from ideological hatred to extra-curricular partnerships. Although seemingly diverse, classes are filled with white students from New Jersey.


Bayley Hall, food, too many students and not enough housing.


Financial Office, it always take them forever to process the application for loan/grants, which may causes the students having a hold on their account so that they couldn't registar for classes on time.


Sometimes feels as though the Catholic Religion is almost forced onto the Students


The social life. The campus is absolutely dead on weekends. Because we are a Catholic University, the school doesn't host many social events for the students. Also because we are located very close to a very bad neighborhood so it eliminates the chances of those neighborhood kids coming on campus and causing trouble.


i dont know


It very expensive to attend.


The fact that it is so expensive because I am going to be in a lot of debt when I graduate.


In my field students are not that friendly and seem unecissarily competitive.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the financial aid office and how it is not very effective in reaching out to students with information and advice/tips.


The administration is unwilling to work with the students on subjects that matter to them. We have argured with the University for free laundry facilities and have been unsuccessful for years. Also, if you have a problem with registration and financial aid there office in Bailey Hall always seems to pass the problem off and give you the run around. You really need someone from the Deans office on your side when you have a problem. You need to know people high up to get things moving if you're having problems.


There's next to nothing to do on weekends. Most people go home, except for the out of state students. The food here is also good for about the first three weeks that you're here, and then it is absolutely terrible. If you can survive slow weekends and bad food, you'll be ok, but the slow weekends thing has to be the worst. You just don't want to be there on weekends because there is nothing to do.


The resistance to accepting the homosexual community of Seton Hall. Also I am in the honors progrom, however the kids who are in the Honors program are put on a higher pedistol than every other kid on campus. There are plenty of smart kids who declined Honors and professors do not seem to acknowledge that.


i would probably say the financial aid department and the food.


The lack of school spirit and community involvement. The surrounding neighborhoods seem to dislike the college students-many times, justly.


The worst thing about Seton Hall is how many students return home on weekends.


The worst thing about our school has to be the financial aid because they mess everything up, and also the administration. The food on campus is not good at all.


That with more new incoming students housing on campus is becoming harder to get


Having to live here, and go to school here. Professors will often come to class late and unprepared, and scold students for the same behavior. 90% of classes are direct out of the text book. Administration is a joke, trying to get anything accomplished in under a few months is impossible. The only social activities are frat parties or hiding from RA's in your dorm. Everyone here jokes about being an alcoholic-not the l"ook how much I can drink kind," the "oh my god life is so terrible, why did I choose Seton Hall" kind.