Seton Hall University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


I've never heard stereotypes of people at my school but I'd assume if there were any, it'd be similar to ones from hs


Basically the exact same as ones from high school


Rich waspy students that do not try hard in school. Everyone is Catholic.


There are a lot of commuters, people don't care about academics, most of the students are just from Northern New Jersey


That we always go home on the weekends and that SHU is a Suitcase school.


I don't know what stereotypes exist about Seton Hall, I think we have a good mix of students from around the country and around the globe. I mean there are labels for some majors, diplomacy students are often referred to as "diplo dorks" but we call ourselves that too. Seton Hall is also in New Jersey so those typical "Jersey" stereotypes do apply.


People get mugged all the time. Business students give off the "business student vibe."


I have never heard or experience being stereotyped as a Seton Hall student. Maybe a Seton Hall Athlete.


Maybe that all of them are religious, or that are kinda rich.