Seton Hall University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Artistic, liberal students with a plan to go on to graduate school.


You have to be a genuinely nice person! What attracted me to SHU in the first place was how friendly and helpful everyone in campus was. Not everyone is outgoing, and not everyone is shy. But everybody there is willing to wave and smile when you pass them on campus. Additionally, if you're looking for a big campus, SHU is not for you. But, if you're like me and want to be able to run from one end of campus to the other in under seven minutes, Seton Hall might be your place!


An individual attempting to find themselves in a small pond; those who wish to flourish without exerting much effort.


Seton Hall is the type of college for students who would like to be a big fish in a small pond. It is very easy to meet people and the campus size allows for great relationships. A person looking to attend this school should be willing to get a good education as well as developing new friendships. If you like the city, this school is also good because it is only 20 mins from New York City.


Pretty much anyone its a very diverse school. It not small of a school most of the classes are a decent size


Someone who is interested in one of the specialty schools, such as the business school, school of diplomicy, or nursing school. The other majors do not get a lot of attention and you need to struggle to get an advisor to give you advice. Internships are hard to find through the school, classes you need for your major are not always offered, and the professors are hard to get to know.


Anyone who is willing to learn and be academically focused should go to Seton Hall. They do not discriminate anyone.


Seton Hall is an academically challenging university. If the student is not prepared to wholeheartedly commit to his or her studies, then this is not the place to be. The same can be said for almost any institution of higher education, but what cannot be said for all is how much Seton Hall tries to help its students. Seton Hall is committed to its students, through presentations by alumni in various careers, guest speakers on such issues as alcohol and drug abuse, and a fully dedicated Career Services center. It is only fair the students match the commitment level.


Someone who is willing to spend a little more time working on school work than attending parties. Especially in the school of nursing. Its important to realize there should be a limit to fun to keep yourself at least on top of your studies, if not one step ahead.


Someone who is achademically focused but not too much so that they wont have a little fun. I think someone who enjoys the city too would enjoy this school because while it isnt located in the middle of the busy city, it is only a 30 minute train ride away; the best of both a small town and a big city.


A person who wants the comfort of a small school, but the ability to go to a big city (New York) on the weekends. Someone who is willing to work hard to find their happiness.


Seton Hall is a very diverse school and is flexable for anyone to adjust to.


A person willing to work hard in their coursework, is open to many cultures, is open to the big city, and likes a small campus.


Easygoing, financially stable, optimistic, athletic people. okay you dont have to be athletic but having a healthy interest in sports is a plus. Even if you aren't into sports, people who are into music would enjoy the place too.


A person who is very confident and has a willingness to learn If you are determined like myself to leave a small town and make it into the city are of New York than it is a great opportunity


A person who wants to learn and has the funds to pay for there education so that they to do not remain stressed out. Also, a person who wants to attend a fairly small school near a couple big cities.


Someone who wants a medium-sized school that is close to a big city but is still in a small town atmosphere. Also, anyone interested in persuing business or nursing, and anyone who is very interested in a Catholic experience.


Those who wat a well rounded education and social life.


Hard working individual


Quiet students who want to be close to home. Not kids who are looking for a big party school.


Seton Hall has a very good business and diplomacy school besides that the academics here ae not that impressive.


A person who likes to attend a small university and is able to recieve alot of financial aid or has money.


Someone who is not looking for a school that is to big but also likes to be near the city. Someone lookin for a good education especially in the field of business. A person who is career oriented an is looking to land themselves a good job after graduation. Someone looking to meet lifelong friends an have alot of fun in their 4 years on campus.


The school is currently changing, and right now the type of person to attend this school should be upper-middle class to wealthy, very social, but able to entertain themselves in a small town and teach themselves much of the material to excel in the courses.