Seton Hall University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is looking for big classes, a big campus, and a place that is bustling with weekend activity should avoid Seton Hall.


Students that are lazy and irresponsbile should not attend this school. Also people who do not like small, or religious schools.


People should not look to attend Seton Hall if they are expecting a huge campus and just looking to go to parties. The campus itself is safe, but the surrounding area is not that great, so if you are looking for a safe environment outside of campus, I would not suggest this school.


A person that is looking for the feel of a large campus, a less individualized academic curricula, and a more extensive place to socialize/ attend non-academic activities.


A person who likes there safety as well as a person who wants a good college expreince. The first week of school it was fun and people were friendly, but the cliques were formed and that is when everything started. This school is for the bratty individuals as this is what the school is already filled with. Do not get me wrong the school is good but has no genuine vibe or feeling to it. I would not recomend this school to anyone, because it has highly disappointed me.


When I was at Seton Hall in the mid '80s there was a lot of racial and anti-catholic bias, and there were students who were deliberately sabotaged by bigotted faculty members.


If the person like a huge campus, this is not the place for them. It is smaller than other campuses but SHU is a small, private school so that's what you get. Also, if they are looking for a wild party school, this is not the one either. People should not come here if they do not want to get involved because getting involved at SHU is a big deal. We like to volunteer and have different activities to do at night, when we aren't studying or doing homework.


This school has so many opportunities for any person with any personality. One has to attend this school with an open mind. The school accepts different people for who they are and not how they look like. Therefore, people who are quick to judge should not come to the school. The campus is filled with students from various ethnic backgrounds, mental and physicial disabilities, and personalities. An open mind is key to a successful college career.


No one person, should not have a reason to attend this school. It is open to all to join


There is no person that should not attend this school, I feel as though anybody would be welcome.


someone who is in the LGBTQ community or of a non-Christian religion


You should look at the majors that this school offers then decide if it is best for you.


I don't think close minded people should attend this school as it is very diverse. You need to be open to different people and experiences to enjoy this school.


Seton Hall University is a great school to attend and will prepare any student for the professional world. It is very expensive and had increasing tuition and student loans are hard to get with out a co-signer. It is a place you will not want to leave, although you will rack up a debt when you graduate.


Someone who is not interested in giving back to the community or being a part of a university that cares about them.


Some one who is open to meetin gall differnt types of people and who is can have fun and be out going but also work hard.


A person who wants a large campus or club sports.


People who just want to fool around.


someone who is very sexually active or someone that has a lot of views that differ greatly from the catholic church.


A kind of person who may not attend to Seton Hall would be a person who is struggling to have money to pay for school, or a person who may have lose their sports scholarship. Nevertheless, there is a negative side to it also those who like to party and have fun instead of focusing on their academics which comes first, leaves the school. Who would not want to give Seton Hall a try? I did and I enjoy myself, I have become a different person than I was freshman year.