Seton Hall University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Kylie Lan

Practicalities: A Heads Up When I flew home from New Jersey to Florida for first year Christmas break, I realized if college has taught me anything it has taught me that I took many things for granted while living at home. For example: the ability to wake up and get breakfast without having to bundle up with a at least two shirts, long pants, a thick pair of socks, boots, winter jacket, a scarf, gloves, and a hat to brave the cold, the rain, or worse- the cold rain. My advice for soon-to-be college students is to stock up on food for the dorm because there will be times when you don’t want to trek across campus to the dining hall. Also ramen noodles really are a college student’s best friend. At three in the morning when no one will deliver food and you still have an essay to finish, you will be so glad to have ramen.


There are quite a few things I wish would've known before attending Seton Hall University. For instance how easy it is to make new friends. On the first day of school I was so intimidated of walking up to a bunch of strangers and starting a conversation, however, later on I realized how easy it was to make friends. Secondly I wish I would’ve known how to speak my mind during awkward moments; college is full of them. Most importantly I wish I would’ve known how to manage my time more appropriately; time is of the essence.


Before attending SHU, I wish I knew how the campus body was. Yes, the school is very diverse but everyone is in a clique, within their own ethnic backgrounds and etc. Also it is rare to run into a nice, genuine person, or even a polite person. Also this school tries to get whatever it can from you money wise, you have to pay for everything and looking around I don't see where my tuition is going. Simply this school is not wort the money, also the surrounding neighborhood is unsafe.


I wish they would have told me how hard it would be to get an appointment anywhere. Also about the useless core class that we would have to take like University Life and Journey of Transformation.


I wish I had known about the best way to make a class schedule. Though I had a counselor helping me choose classes in the very beginning of my freshman year, I should have consulted with a fellow student on how they would do it. I scheduled all my classes early thinking I could manage them. However, since I was a commuter and took the highway to get to school, traffic was always horrible and I ended up struggling to stay awake in class after long nights of studying.


Before I came to school I wish I knew how hard the transition from high school to college would be. In high school your told about all the fun you will have and all there is to do at your university, but no one ever told me how the work load almost doubles, and you only have a certain amount of time to turn in your work. Also when you live on campus your all on your own, that there is no more mommy or daddy to take care of you, your responsible for yourself.


Before enrolling in Seton Hall University, I wish I had known just how out of hand expenses can become. On the one hand, payments must be made towards tuition and room and board, on the other, hundreds of dollars are dropped in mere minutes towards textbooks, and then there are personal expenses such as food and hygiene. It is as though a dollar is spent with every breath I draw. I knew attending college would be expensive and that I would have to watch what I spend, but this is not at all what I had imagined!


I wish I had known more about the credit involvement within my major.


I wish I had known that a vast majority of the students are from the surrounding areas, and they tend to go home on the weekends.


How to study. I didn't know how to study before I came to college and that was a major obstacle for me to be able to excel academically.


The real tutition amount.


how limiting the activities and clubs are here on campus


I would like to have known that tuition costs way to much for the quality of a Seton Hall education. Alot of people go home on the weekends. There is usually nothing to do, but a lot of work. Fraternities and sororities haze, and are very selective and have a lot of rules - meetings every monday from 8-10pm. Very little financial aid and scholarships are provided. They cut the music departments budget claiming they dont have enough money! food sucks. dorms are dirty and over-crowded, teachers dont care about students! communications is awful!




How expensive the school actually would be, as well as their non exeptence of homosexuals.


The lack of campus life on weekends, the trouble it takes to get answers from our financial department (Bayley Hall), the lack of knowledge in the IT center and how you get charged for your "free" laptop.


I wish I had known more about financial aid and scholarship rules, because I could have avoided so many mistakes and frustrating moments that made me want to pull out my hair.


it's pretty hard


That it was a very large commuter school and people tend to go home very often on the weekends.


I wish I had known the full impact of the tuition, as it changed from per credit, to a flat fee in my second year.


tons of rules, students for their own "clicks"


the administration is completely awful and i would have to constantly fight with the people in the offices


I wish I understood the Housing Department and the situations with roommates. When I had my problem with my roommate the Housing Department was not willing to help at all. I wish the school talk about security and how the students could go for problems such as school restraining orders.