Seton Hall University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I enjoy the professional atmosphere. The professors are dedicated to making the educational experience worth all the money you pay. The learning is great and it definetely deserves to be a D-1 school. The basketball team is the school's pride and joy so when basketball season comes around, its a blast.


The community. Everyone on this campus cares about you. When you walk on campus, people will smile and say hello, even if they don't know who you are. The professors want to get to know you and be more than just instructors; tehy want to be your firends and welcome any questions that might have. If you need help figuring something out, or want to see a counselor, the doors are always open. This University does not jsut want you to excell in getting an education and career, but wants to help you develope long lasting relationships and skills.


A unique thing about our campus is our Career Center. Most campuses have one, but the employees there work extremely hard to help the students and are very active in the student's academic lives. It's obvious that they really do care about their students,even after they graduate.


Campus is extremely well maintained surprisingly. One of the huge trees we have gets decorated every Christmas and there is a huge tree lighting ceremony that a ton of people attend.


As a student at Seton Hall, you will never feel like a little fish in a big pond. All of the professors and advisors on campus are so helpful; they all truly care about each student's success. As a student here, you will never be left behind or misguided. Every student at Seton Hall will leave their four years of college with a unique, and personalized experience.


I think the best thing aabout my school is how close the campus is. We are like a big family, everyone knows everyone and are polite.


I feel the best thing about being at this school is that you meet all different type of people, which allows you to be able to find a friend in someone. Everyone always wants to have a good time if it on or off campus. And generally people are friendly.


The best thing is the small classes, it is easy to find people in your major and many are willing to steer you in the right direction.


The education and the people you will meet!


The best thing about my school is the diversity and friendliness within the school. I was able to gain friends from different backgrounds and from different parts of the state and country. I feel that I will always meet someone interesting if I look at the right place. I could tell this was a diverse community because I have not witnessed any division in the university. The opportunity to meet with different kinds of friendly people was probably the main reason why I chose to attend Seton Hall.


A theme that really stood out to me at Seton Hall University (this past semester in particular) was the willingness of most students to help each other. I encountered this not only in opportunities to volunteer or tutor, but among classmates who really made an effort to help their peers understand course material. Students at SHU seemed honestly interested in creating a bond with their friends and classmates. The school is competitive, as all colleges are, but its students want to help others succeed and harbor genuine good will for their peers.


The school spirit is phenominal and attending the basketball games is great.


The size is almost perfect. A couple thousand more students, and the size would be perfect. I think the size is the best aspect because I don't have to take buses to different classes, and there usually is not more than 30 students in a class.


the students


This school is really recongnized for being very good academically so a lot of people come to recruit students to work for them. There are a lot of job fairs and people love to hear that you come here because this school has a really ood reputation.


If I had to go back and choose a college I would never pick Seton Hall. Seton Hall was my first choice and there are very few good things I now have to say about it.


The name


The community of students was very diverse and approachable. The professors were also extremely well versed in their feilds and very encouraging. Classes were always very engaging. The professors and administrators were readily available to assist students with questions and concerns.


The business school is very good for those looking to go into that field.


i dont know


The people and the location


The environment is so nice


The school is very small which provides for one on one help. The classes are small.


The best thing about Seton Hall is how close it is to New York City.


diversity, opportunities to make friends, activities, professors


The best thing about my school are the people. I have made so many friends there.


The professors are always willing to help you. The Faculty and Staff are friendly and attentive to your needs.


The best thing that I would consider about Seton Hall is the environment it has. It provides much help for students from counseling to tutoring in which is a great thing to have at school because we as students are faced with hard material that is hard for us to grasp even after the professor had talked about it more than twice in class and after. While students faces different things during their collegiate year such as death, depression, anxitey and so on. Also students that attends at Seton Hall seem to be open and welcome anyone to their groups.