Seton Hill University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Seton Hill is an extrememly friendly environment, where the professors push the students to put forth their best efforts, and success is an everyday occurrence.


Seton Hill University is a Catholic, liberal arts, four year university that is welcoming and accepting of everyone.


Seton Hill strives to be the best school around, but lacks the guidance needed in order to become that school. There is too much going on at one time and not enough planning is done. We are competing with other private schools, but do not offer the great dorms or athletic facilities that these other schools offer.


A small, friendly place.


The school is a mixed bag and offers something for everyone.


It's a small, private, liberal arts, Catholic university that sits on top of a grassy hill and has a variety of majors.


Seton Hill is a friendly place, where professors want to see you succeed, and help you reach your full potential.